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How DO I test a system Image made with WIn 8.1

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    maybe 8 and XP

    Well I have a couple of one terabyte internal drives I have a Mac computer and I used to do video editing so I have a number of 1 terabytes that I can probably reformat and use if I had to I kinda wanted to avoid having to swap out drives every time I want to test a stupid image file because I would like to keep on making a fresh image maybe like once a month or so to make sure I have a good backup because I definitely don't trust incrementals I've had so much problems in the past with those not restoring correctly I always like to use the image because if you get a good image when you restore it everything's back and it's much easier

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    I restored full and incremental backups from Macrium with no problem. No idea why some people have problems and others don't. There has to be a reason but I'm not aware of it.
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    maybe 8 and XP

    In my case on my XP system it was incompatible USB ports and drive roms. I had 1.0 + 2.0 USB drives. After loads of research and much smarter people than I on forums like this one we found that the Western Dig drives I had were blessed with flaky adapter bios/board.
    I am sure my computer USB ports may have been flaky too.
    The bottom line is you just don't know if the backup will restore unless you test it.
    After losing a few systems and then having trouble restoring a backup I finally decided to find a way to verify them.
    Straight full image is the best chance of getting a good one because making a total image that's successful eliminates all the hassles of incremental files because so many things can cause issues running incremental backups. Of course this is my laymen opinion for all its worth.
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    maybe 8 and XP

    To clarify my external hard drives had the problem USB boards on my old XP system backup failures. I still use them today just not for backups.
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    A single test should suffice then. Do one restore and verify all is well, no need to do any others since the hardware will remain the same.
    When you create the backup, have Macrium verify the image.
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    maybe 8 and XP

    I agree 100% the only problem is if I try to restore the backup and it screws up then I've just lost my system again because I have no way to restore it
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    That's why I suggested using a different 1TB drive to restore to and test with. Since it will only have to be done once this should not be hard to do.
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    maybe 8 and XP

    Ok I got that now. Once and done. I still find it so hard to believe that there is no other way.
    How bout Win 10 ? I plan on updating right away. Any known issues upgrading? Would I have same issues with that verifying an image?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cybor462 View Post
    Hi All
    Ok first I am not a techie so I apologize up front.

    I just had my Win 8.1HP desktop crash after a power blip on shutdown. Our power down here in Florida goes out for a 5 sec. period quite often. Just happened as my machine was shutting down updating. When I tried to restart the next day it would not boot, just went into the boot loop. Any attempt to try to restore met with a drive locked error. I did get some help and was able to get a clean 8.1 install. I had a backup that I made using Backup Maker free version but it would not restore. Im guessing because the orig system had an HP restore partition and the clean install did not have one. That changed the physical makeup of the drive and I guess that is why the backup would not restore. I was however able to use file explorer to grab a good bit of data off the drive before I wiped it out with the clean install. That's why I am here. I want to be sure my new image will restore because I am going to grab the Win 10 free upgrade and I am told it is much better than 8.1 I want to be sure my images will work if I need them if something goes wrong with the update. I was able to get 90% of my software reinstalled on my system and all is working like a charm.

    Here is what I would like to do if possible. I currently have a Windows made image file made within Windows. I also have an image made with Macrium Reflect (just happen to have a purchased version). I want to test both of these without actually restoring them to my system drive and without either adding another internal drive or removing the internal drive and swapping it out.
    I would like to restore these images on an USB external 4tb drive to test them and was wondering if that is possible.

    Please if you can help remember I will need to be treated almost as a child. I was good with XP but never kept up with technology and I am stupid with 8.1 so I would need to be led like a child (almost)

    I am forced to echo Ztruker's comments on getting a UPS. Florida is not only the lightning capital of the western hemisphere, but it's also possibly the Power Outage Capital of the US.
    I have five UPS's in my house, because power outages can happen almost daily, and all it takes is a glitch sometimes, to cause a digital clock, digital answering machine or PC to do a reset or power down. The work bench where I work on other peoples PC's, is protected by a 600VA UPS. My main PC, which I'm on right now, is backed up by a 580VA UPS.
    My TV, which I rely on for weather reports, is backed up by a 600VA UPS, which draws its DC power from two car batteries.
    The charger in the UPS keeps the two car batteries well charged.

    To validate every backup Image File I make (weekly) my Backup/restore program, Ghost 11.5, has a "Check" feature, so I can check the integrity of every backup I make. I don't do it (a restore) on my SSD, but when I was using a mechanical HD, I would first do a Backup to a second hard drive, then run "Check" to verify the backup and then do a Restore to the HD, to refresh the recording of all my data on the HD.
    Since my backups are made one file at a time, the restore puts the data back on the HD the same complete file at a time, leaving no spaces between files and of course, NO Fragmentation. So in that process the worlds best Defrag has effectively been done.

    When my PNY SSD crashed last summer, I just installed another standard hard drive, did a Ghost Restore of my last backup and I was off and running again, as if nothing had ever happened. Later when I got a new SanDisk SSD, I did a backup off of the temporary HD and restored it to my new SSD, and in just a few minutes, I was back in operation with my new SSD.

    For years, I've set up Backup systems for individuals, companies, corporations and even Banks. And I've always said, "the only bad backup is the one you decided NOT to make". Banks and municipalities make a backup of their entire database, daily, using a new backup media for each backup, and they store 30 days worth of backups in a fireproof vault. When a backup is 31 days old it will be recycled and used again for a new backup. I ran the mainframe computer for my County for two years, so I'm very familiar with the Backup process.

    When I went to work for the County, not a single PC in the county was being backed up regularly. When I left, every PC was being backed up daily. I might have been gone, but not forgotten.

    So, if your Backup/Restore program cannot do a Verification of its backup image files, then you're using the wrong program.
    A non-verified backup is almost as bad as NO backup at all.
    Of course, the Backup/Restore program Must NOT be on your C: drive only *. It should be on a Bootable media, like a CD or Flash Drive, and you should also have multiple copies, just in case one should be damaged, or misplaced.

    * If your Backup/Restore program resides ONLY on your C: drive and that drive crashes, then you've not only lost your data, but also the ability to restore it to a new drive.

    Sorry this ran so long, but doing intelligent backups is not a short topic.

    Good Luck!
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    Excellent post, many thanks.

    Macrium Reflect Free and Pro both have the ability to Verify the backup image. It also has the ability to create a rescue disc, either Linux or WinPE based.
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How DO I test a system Image made with WIn 8.1
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