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ASUS Laptop R510DP Horrible performance

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    ASUS Laptop R510DP Horrible performance

    Hello once again!
    As I had this laptop sent twice in the warranty, the ASUS guys changed my motherboard once(performance still the same s*it) and the second time they didnt do anything to it , as they said it was working properly.Either way, after a clean installation of windows 8 and after downloading all the drivers from their official website I've seen a major boost ..The laptop felt alright , booting up was really fast, task respoding was quick but the heating problem is still the same,Now I downloaded Portal 2 and the game feels horrible, massive lags in-game, the reaction is slow , everything is bad. Here is the result from systemrequirements lab.

    Portal 2 system requirements | Can I Run Portal 2
    shouldn't have a problem in running it.

    Here is my old thread about my GPU
    AMD Radeon HD8670M GFX

    System specs
    AMD A10 2,5ghz

    If you guys have any advice , I would really appreciate it!

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    There could be something on the system that is eating CPU or Disk I/O. What programs did you download after the reset? It is possible that it could be an issue with one of the drivers on the system too. Otherwise I would have to say that it needs to be cleaned, but one would think that they would have done that when you sent it in.
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    I highly doubt there is a problem with the downloaded programs as I only have a few.Only the drivers and 2 games, that would be it. I did not bother downloading any other stuff , nor getting my old programs of chatting for multiplayer since I ve seen the horrible performance,
    What would you recommend me to do?
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ASUS Laptop R510DP Horrible performance
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