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New Build - OX0000005C Regular application crashes

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    New Build - OX0000005C Regular application crashes

    Hi Eight Forums.

    We've put together a new build this week, specs can be found in the specs section. Everything is brand new out of the box from official retailers. We initially had an msi gaming m5 motherboard, but that came dead and had to be returned, we exchanged it for the Asus listed in our specs.

    On install of windows 10 we are getting regular crashes with browsers, games, watching any kind of media. Shockwave plugin crashes constantly.

    We clean installed windows 8.1 (legit obv) and found the same issue. On a clean install with just chrome running the app crashes infrequently, flash crashes constantly.

    We updated 8.1-10 and that gave the same results.

    So far we have tried-

    Updating the BIOS to 1402 (newest asus version)

    Swapped out the hard drives for old drives that are running fine on another machine with 8.1- same result.

    Scanned the SSD, 1 singular error where a block was >500ms, and still get the same results running the OS on the other drives.

    We swapped in a radeon 280x - same results.

    We tested only 1 x8gb ram module at a time in each of the different slots - same results.
    We have run memtest for ~14 hours, zero errors over 8 passes.

    All drivers are official asus/nvidia ones.
    We have run driver verifier without being able to force a bsod.

    Searched the problem and read as many similar sounding threads with no success.

    We are at a complete loss.

    Due to the lack of BSOD and constant fresh installs we have few crash logs, and those recent ones we do are in Russian, which may not be the most helpful!

    I attach one of the few English crash logs, from Chrome. And at the end include the event viewer logs for chromes crashes.

    What else can we do? What options do we have left?

    Thanks in advance Eight Forums, Seven Forums has always managed to help me with my problems, I hope this will be the same.


    Event viewer chrome error log-

    Faulting application name : chrome.exe, Version : 48.0.2564.97, label
    Time : 0x56a8798c
    Name the failed module : chrome.dll, Version : 48.0.2564.97, timestamp : 0x56a873a2
    Exception code : 0xc0000005
    Offset error : 0x00d6839f
    The ID of the failed process : 0x1180
    Faulting application start time : 0x01d15ce6643ccb22
    Faulting application path : C: \ Program Files
    (x86) \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ chrome.exe
    The path of the failed module : C: \ Program Files(x86) \ Google
    \Chrome \ Application \ 48.0.2564.97 \ chrome.dll
    Scout report : 485ddbd5-135c-4b39-94f4-63325499f038

    New Build - OX0000005C  Regular application crashes Attached Files

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New Build - OX0000005C Regular application crashes
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