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What performance enhancing software do you recommend?

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    What performance enhancing software do you recommend?

    I'm going to contradict myself right away here. Odd way to start a thread I know, let me explain. I just started a new job this past August. It's not many hours per week and not the greatest pay. Something I need to do something about. This is where I run into a 'which to do first, the chicken or the egg?'.

    Here's my goal. My laptop came pre-loaded with Office 2013 pro. I have an average typing speed of 60wpm. If I were to get MS Office certified, I could hypothetically work freelance from home while not at my "day job". The issue(s) are this. I'm currently using Windows defender as firewall and virus protection. Norton came preloaded, but I've NEVER liked it in the 20 some odd years of having computers at home. (Uses too many resources for what it does I feel).

    What I need is some fairly good programs that will optimize my system, protect me better then Windows defender ever could (malware, spyware, virus, root kits...ect) The problem is, I don't have the $$$ to invest in "the best" software. I know the old saying, you get what you pay for. And I would happily pay for the best, if I had the cash to do so.

    The problem with getting freeware or shareware from Cnet or Tucows, is either it works like (I think Malware bytes did this) tells you a long list of issues, but won't fix them until you pay for it. Again, I would be happy to do so, but can't right now. In the meantime you end up with a whole heck of a lot of crap on your system that sometimes is worse then getting a virus!

    Once I start making a few bucks freelancing, then I'll come back and ask for a list of "the best of" the various programs I seek. As a sidebar, does anyone know of any good online schools that teach Office?

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    Defender is amazing at protecting you..

    Also turn your UAC up to full if you want..

    Malware bytes is free for scanning and deleting malware. Use it..

    The other ones that you'd eventually have to pay for but are the dogs balls, are


    Hitmanpro does have a trial period you can always use it to detect if you have anything..

    And Eset actually has an amazing online free scan you can use anytime.. For free
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    I do not believe in performance enhancing software. There is little to nothing that will significantly enhance performance in a healthy OS other than a hardware upgrade. Software that attempts to do this (memory optimizers in particular) either do nothing or are harmful.

    Note that I consider optimization software as distinct from system maintenance software and others designed to maintain the healthy state. I am not talking about that at all.
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    Agree with Lmiller7,

    The only thing you'd might look into is little tweaks like setting certain services you don't need to "manual"

    And turning off or tweaking page file if you have lots of ram etc..

    Look for "tweaks" not booster programs
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    Some excellent advice here! I was going to say..but forgot, that sometimes it's a matter of changing a setting or three. Something I direly need to research on win 8/10 (haven't decided if I want to upgrade to 10 yet or not). Example, even though I haven't installed, downloaded or other wise added anything to system other then Quicken 2015, from the time I hit power on a cold comp, to the time I can actually read a Facebook post can take as long as 15 minutes! I have three days off in a row this week thankfully, gonna look into ways to fix this!.
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    7. 7 Pro. & 8-1

    I wish I could upgrade my HP i5 back to windows 7 pro.
    I joined the insider program and missed some updates then it wouldn't boot and I kept receiving messages that some file was out of date.
    Only help from M/S was to update my bios (without web access) when that failed I was told it was my fault for downloading the software (Win 10 Beta) in the first place
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    Windows 8.1's been 14 years since I took my A+ class....refresh my memory. What is UAC?

    Never heard of Hitman Pro, or Eset. I look those up in a few minutes.

    Programs I'm familiar with are:

    Notepad ++
    Advanced System Care Free ed.

    For future reference (like when I have the $) what software would you buy to secure, protect, or other wise diagnose your comps?
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    there are websites and articles about all this..

    but there is a website that's been around for awhile dealing with malware.. just read some of the articles there and have a look at the downloads section in particular and read the descriptions of some of the programs.. - News, Reviews, and Technical Support

    the other guys to look at that are really good is the majargeeks.. Apparently it was a guy who worked for Cnet and then became frustrated with how Cnet is turning into a joke of a company and went out on his own to give the people something that doesn't force them into bloatware and force you to install things you don't want and etc..

    MajorGeeks.Com - MajorGeeks

    and lastly,

    use youtube and watch people use whatever programs you want to use and see if it's something you would like..


    Oh and UAC is here

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 7 Pro 64bit [MS blue-disk set]

    "...I think Malware bytes did this) tells you a long list of issues, but won't fix them until you pay for it..." Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, free or fee, if scan picks up X, it offers you choices what to do about X -- delete, quarantee, or ignore. You might be referring to SpyHunter or other such utilities.
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    Austin TX metro area
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    Windows 7 Pro 64bit [MS blue-disk set]

    Please have a very good EZ-to-do but thorough backup routine using usb ext HD[s], and using either Macrium Reflect [free or fee] and/or any other similar backup program. Make sure to make both usb boot stick and a DVD boot -- for restore purposes.
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What performance enhancing software do you recommend?
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