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Display issue.. random lines, colors etc.

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    Windows 8.1 pro

    Display issue.. random lines, colors etc.

    Hi, I am getting random lines or colors when I go to desktop or hit refresh. It appears randomly. While playing games, running other applications, it doesn't seem to appear, but still, it appears randomly.

    For example, this is one of those cases I am describing below.

    Here is an image of the same web page, opened in two different tabs. You can see that in the rightmost part of the screen(where we have the option to scroll the web page) there are two tiny lines of red color. Its there in one tab, but not in any of the other tabs in the browser. Here are those two tabs.

    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version

    There is also a small white-squared box near the right side, but that one is my mouse cursor.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Sorry Avil, I don't see any red lines. If you could describe 'colors' a bit, that may be significant. Offhand I'm leaning hardware. You could try re-seating ram and or/video card. Random make this tough. I'd try monitoring when this happens, hopefully more input will help us diagnose.

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    Windows 8.1 pro

    Edited the first post(the image).

    As you can see in the first image, the line and color are very thin. They appear while moving mouse cursor, while hitting the "peek to preview the desktop" button. They appear for a very short period of time, and can go if you just hit refresh, or scroll down. Since the lines are thin themselves(but sometimes the lines are long, but still thin), its hard to say which color is it.
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    Thanks I needed a good laugh.. people are having crashes, blue screens of death, hardware fails, computers not turning on..

    and you have 2 little lines showing up while scrolling in the scroll bar... ha

    See if it still happens after reinstalling the new driver for your video card..

    It happens in everything or different browsers too? Firefox? Chrome?

    what about Text documents??

    do you have Logitech mouse software or anything like mouse software installed?

    Maybe uninstall and reinstall the monitor you have in Device manager..

    haha.. what a problem!
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Display issue.. random lines, colors etc.
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