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software for PARTITION (not disk) mirroring to same disk

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    software for PARTITION (not disk) mirroring to same disk

    Of course, I am on w8. I have a 1 TB single hdd on my system, with
    C 100 GB w8 boot,
    D 100 GB w7 boot,
    E 100 GB having all my info and data.
    F remaining 600+ GB empty.

    All are primary partitions.

    I want only my E partition data to be backed up or mirrored or cloned or synced or imaged or copied (don't know the correct term) to a part of F so that whenever I make any changes to anything in E, that is automatically always reflected to that back up of E in F.

    If automatic syncing is not possible, it will be ok if I have to run that software daily once or schedule it to get it automatically at a fix time of the day.

    I have tried w8 imaging or backup but they do this in some cryptic method so that I am not able to figure out how to restore any particular file when I needed it. I need just an exact replica of my E folder-file structure to be made to a part of F.

    I don't want C (w8) or D (w7) to be touched or changed or backed up or anything at all to be done to them.

    Please suggest any free software or something built into w8 to achieve the same.


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    What you are referring to is RAID 1 and is a legitimate technique, for what it was designed for. I am not aware of any software that will do this with partitions, and for good reason. It normally requires 2 physical drives and it's purpose is to allow access to your data in the event of a drive failure. Replacement of the drive can be deferred to a more convenient time. But it is not a backup solution. It provides protection only from drive failure and with partitions you won't even get that.

    To obtain any real benefits mirroring requires 2 physical drives. But it is not a backup solution.

    Macrium Reflect does an image backup which is a good thing. File backups are also good. But any form of backup to a partition on the same physical drive is a poor backup. It is better than no backup at all, but not much. If the drive fails you will loose everything. If your data is important to you you need to maintain backups to a separate physical drive, preferably an external drive connected only for backup or restore purposes.
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software for PARTITION (not disk) mirroring to same disk
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