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Historic Process Monitoring when Windows temporary freezes

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    Historic Process Monitoring when Windows temporary freezes

    From time to time I experience, that windows freezes and "Windows Problem Reporting": WerFault.exe goes nuts in its connection establishments to the Internet

    I have tried to monitor the processes using “Job List” and “resource monitoring” etc. and there I can see that CPU from time to time peaks at 100% - but when it happens - I can not get access to see which process is causing this high CPU usage, which I assume is to blame that the machine is freezing from time to time. You know - Windows freezes precisely at that times :-(
    I also found out where I can find windows logbook, but I can not understand how to use it

    Some tips and hints for troubleshooting and monitoring for errors?

    NB I made recovery ( I am currently not interested in resetting for now) and I have used windows various problem solver programs - witn no good results

    I can "provoke" the windows to go in Temporary freeze mode - by switching to my other monitor

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    Try a program called "process explorer"

    Just google it to download..

    But it it's really to just look more in Depth at processes running..
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    I can't "look in depth" cause the computer freezes and don't know hov to find "historical" data about which process causes the peak
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    Do you think or know "process explorer" can do that?
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    Have you even started todo troubleshooting ?

    by looking at your startup programs?

    Have you gone into safe mode?

    Have you run system file checker?

    Have you run chkdsk?

    Have you looked at pictures or videos on YouTube of process explorer?

    Are going to actually try now??

    I'm only saying that because it seems you just need a little push to start googling a little more..

    Asking if process explorer looks "in depth" into your system means you haven't even looked at the web page and read the description of what it is...

    And while you would have been looking at process explorer you may have run into process monitor as well..
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    Please stop reply on my question - you reply on something I have not asked you about or you dont understand my questions

    Just one thing: I did not write "if process explorer looks "in depth" into your system" - I wrote ""I can't "look in depth""

    you have a lot of thoughts about what I am doing and more precisely - what i am not doing - I do not think this is right way to communicate - so thanks for your reply but please do not reply any further
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    No problem
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Historic Process Monitoring when Windows temporary freezes
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