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System Memory Usage Reduction

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    Windows 8.1

    System Memory Usage Reduction

    Hi, just joined, first post.

    Thru my google searches on this topic the only answer I have found, which appears to be the general consensus, is 8.1 does a great job with memory management, just let it handle it.

    Here's the thing. I bought a used Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 Win 8.1 tablet, for the SOLE purpose of playing Civ 5 without being glued to a laptop/desktop. The tab handles it reasonably well. Its only got 32gb built in, leaving about 8gb free with 8.1 updated and nothing installed on C:. I have a 128gb SD card installed which holds Civ 5 and Ccleaner. On a fresh restart, again, with nothing installed or running, Windows uses 45% of the 2gb memory. Running civ 5 pushes the between 95-99% causing it to crash quite often.

    Since the ONLY purpose of this tab is to play this game on a portable device and nothing else, no facebook, gmaIl, netflix, anything at all, are there any windows components/services i can disable to free up RAM? I really dont care about windows storing my most used tasks in RAM i just want the most possible free to be able to run the game. No office, no googling, no apps, just my game. That's it, that's all.

    Any input is much appreciated.TIA

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    How much memory (RAM) does it have? All you mentioned is hard drive or SD card space.
    Can the ram be increased?

    According to the Dell web site, it comes with 2GB and is not upgrade able. The Venue 11 is.

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1

    I did mention that the system is currently using 45% of the 2gb total RAM. I am aware it is not upgradable, it is the soldered on type used in tablets and cellphones, and even if I was to remove it and carefully solder in a 4gb stick, the board itself doesn't support it.

    This thread isn't about upgrading RAM. It doesn't matter if it has 1, 2, or 3gb RAM, I just want to disable services in windows that most folks probably wouldn't want to. Again, this tablets sole purpose is to play one game. No Facebook, Netflix, email, web browsing etc etc etc.
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    What about running it in Safe Mode with Networking? Will Civ 5 run that way? If so that might give you a good idea what you can disable.
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    You need to go to the tablets forum and ask users there.. I'd bet 2% of users here have a "tablet"..

    which is also why I can't help you right now..

    the only other thing is to continually google "disable services uneeded Dell Venue 8"

    or things like "Dell venue 8 game tweak"


    join the actual forum of the dell venue 8 tablet and those users will be hardcore tweakers and answer you..
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System Memory Usage Reduction
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