I recently purchased a new battery for my laptop. Its charging upto 92/93% and then the battery icon shows that 93 % available, plugged in, not charging like this..

Click image for larger version

so.. I have tried charging it for a very long hour to see if it exceeds 93%, but that didn't work. There is no such power plan option in my laptop which limits the charging percentage.
Note that this was the same issue with my first battery. And after using it for a while, it automatically started charging to 100%.
So, should I be worried?

Second question, I keep my laptop on for most of the time. So how should I discharge and recharge it while using it? Or should I just keep it plugged in for 24*7 since it doesn't charge beyond 93%? What should I do?(Note that my battery is hardwired, its inside the laptop, removing it requires disassembling the laptop)

Third question, My laptop battery wear level keeps changing(I checked it using almost all the softwares like HWinfo, HWmonitor). When I bought it, it was 1 %, then it went to 7%, after next reboot, it was 5%, and now its 9%)