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simple and quick question

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    simple and quick question

    hello guys,
    I lately have several compatibility problem with win 8 cp so i want to turn back to win 7.....

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    Not really... and of course any tweaks that did work, when applied to 8 as well may speed 8 up even more. But if you want a super snappy, reponsive and fast Win7, get an SSD for the OS drive.
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    owh ssd very expensive....I am not going to upgrade my hardware..anyway thx
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    You have only 1GB memory, you could buy 2gb Kingston ddr3 memory for about RM42 and it'll definitely improve the performance. Lowyat Plaza is the best place as there are many choice of retailers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha001 View Post
    hello guys,
    I lately have several compatibility problem with win 8 cp so i want to turn back to win 7.....
    What problem you are you facing, if you are having low configuration they will counter issues with Windows 7 as well. Yeah there are several tweaks exists on web to speed up Windows 7. Google them (like "master guide to speed up Windows 7 etc.). You can increase the speed of Windows 7 but seriously not just similar to Windows 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha001 View Post
    owh ssd very expensive....I am not going to upgrade my hardware..anyway thx
    The problem today is the price of ssd's.
    You're right: an SSD is not worth it since the processor and ram is not that powerful. (it will cost even more than all your current hardware)

    For 1GB RAM is better to use XP. (yes I know XP is a bit old but even ubuntu 12 can easily fill the 1GB, I know that from seeing it in action).

    - You can disable some of the unnecessary services but I'm no specialist in this matter
    - Disable some programs that start with Windows (today every program wants to run at startup) to get faster on the desktop: run msconfig.exe or try CCleaner
    - The search indexer can make the HDD work overtime sometimes, but if you search often, leave it on
    - use Basic Theme or maybe Aero without transparency + disable animations: to relax older graphic cards

    Win8 has some new features like quickboot (it booted in 10 seconds on my 1GB pc) and Win7 misses this feature.
    You can try and apply some other tweaks but there is no way Win7 to run faster than Win8 => They are mostly the same, without the new stuff in Win8.
    So Windows 8 just boots faster but overall performance is the same as in Win7.

    Hope this helps
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    First of all Windows 7 is not as fast as Windows 8. Windows 8, especially the Release Preview is much more speedy than previous versions. In my opinion you have to install some more memory and if you don't have money to buy a SSD drive or you don't want to, then you must install Windows 8. Is much more faster than Windows 7 as I said before.
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    Alpha001, you should get AT LEAST 2 gb of Ram, but 4 gb is better and get a 60 GB SSD (Intel 330 costs $89).

    60GB is enough for Windows8 if you only use that drive for the OS (I do this right now). Put your static data on the slower drive.

    So no, SSD is not that expensive.

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    You could go to Start>Control Panel>View by Large Icons> Performance Information and Tools> Adjust Visual Effects (left pane)>Adjust For Best Performance.
    Best thing to do would be to upgrade your hardware though.
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