I have a month old ASUS X751M laptop with updated to Windows 10,after accidently picking up a virus and numerous attempts to get rid of it,it was suggested to do a reset of my laptop...this I did an at first everything seemed ok until I went to download my favorite anti-virus program,the program downloaded but wont work,did a restart but was told after the restart that there was a problem with the restart itself so laptop was diagnosing problem which it was unable to fix,options were given(sorry donèt remember what they all were)but I did try different options,the only one that worked was another reset to get me back to my desktop and internet,but now have to keep the laptop on sleep mode instead of shutting down at end of day or canèt start it up again without going through the diagnose action again...there are also some keyboard misfunctions,as youève probably noticed,Ièm not sure what other problems exist...obviously some important applications were removed during the reset,I don't know what they were,I didnèt realize the changes would be so drastic,so now I need help in finding out how to get my laptop and system back to working order,Im handicapped so the laptop is my lifeline to the outside world especially in the winter months.