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What's in my OS that's taking so long to scan?

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    What's in my OS that's taking so long to scan?

    My current PC is one month old and the antivirus scan with Avira used to take around 10 minutes. It hovered around this time until recently, then it's suddenly taking almost a hour. I thought this was because of the time it takes to scan personal data like hundreds of gigs of games and music, but the 99% of the time it was scanning... pic related.
    Basically a lot of files, each one named like in the pic, each individual one taking a long time (the counter would be at, let's say, 367888 files scanned, stay like that for four seconds and then go to 367889, rinse and repeat for fifty minutes) when it's usually thousand of files every second.
    I'm sure my PC is safe with no viruses whatsoever, I'm just curios: what exactly ARE those files to require such a slow scan? I guess some vital OS files, but how come I have so many of them when I didn't just a few days ago (keep in mind I didn't download anything other than regular Windows Updates)? Is there any way I can clean or remove them up to quicken the process?
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    Not a computer guru but I see that you are using a "Free Virus program". Now windows updates contain some very big files and Your virus program will take longer to scan. So a free virus program is not going to give the same performance as those that you buy. Do you know that "Comcast" customers get "Norton Suite" (a security and virus program) for free whereas others have to pay for it? Its not automatic. You need to download it from the Comcast site. It has backup & restore program built in as well as other features.
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    With names like that they are quite likely cache files. Try using something like CCleaner before scanning.
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    Running CCleaner before a scan can darmatically reduce the time the scan takes. It eliminates the need for the scanner to scan a bunch of junk and temp files.
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    Not to offend anyone but the time it takes depends on the amount of files scanned.
    & the depth of the scan.

    Avast as example-

    Click image for larger version

    I have Avast set to scan everything.
    To the deepest level.

    It takes a while.
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What's in my OS that's taking so long to scan?
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