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Weird folder appeared on my D: drive

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    Weird folder appeared on my D: drive

    Currently have two storage systems, C: drive is the SSD I installed my OS on, D: drive the HDD I keep games and personal data on.
    After a Windows update an empty folder named with a bunch of numbers and letters appeared in my D: root. Nothing was inside it, but it still required admin privilige to be accessed. I just noticed it got replaced by another one, still named with a bunch of numbers and letters, requiring admin privilege and empty.

    I know it's some system stuff, also the second one is probably caused by the last update which was a few days ago, but it still bothers me seeing this weird folder that I don't wanna risk moving or messing with. What is it exactly? Can I move/delete it or am I better off just keeping it there and dealing with it? And, most importantly, if it's OS stuff how come it is in my D: when Windows is installed in C:?

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    Post the full name of the folder(s) please.
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    I've got another one now, gosh
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    Google is your friend.

    From what I have read, it looks like the folders are benign, likely generated by Windows Update or another installation. Folders with random names like this are commonly generated during a Windows Update or software installation and normally get deleted after the installation has completed. However, they sometimes get left behind, especially when an installation fails. They are usually just an annoyance and are nothing to worry about.
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    Sometimes I use Revo to install a program with.
    It remembers all the installed parts & makes it easy to remove them.
    Google Revo.
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Weird folder appeared on my D: drive
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