Hello everyone. I'm sorry if this is not the right section but I have no idea where to post this problem.

Okay, so a few minutes ago I started my laptop and suddenly it reinstalled itself, telling me to wait while "we're getting your PC ready" and stuff. I seriously didn't touch anything. And now that it's finished the "reinstallation" (or whatever it is), the start screen looks EMPTY, with no apps at all on the screen. The charms bar on the right works but nothing happened when I clicked "Change PC settings" and I can't search for any programs either. So I randomly searched for "win" and opened it and thankfully that took me to the desktop. I can use the programs on my laptop now but I can't pin anything to the taskbar. I tried the system restore thing but it said there was no restore point (although I did make one the other day). I'm really confused now. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thank you so much in advance!

(sorry for the lack of screenshots)