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Problem with overall performance [network and disk]

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    Problem with overall performance [network and disk]

    Recently my laptop has been doing pretty bad on the performance side regarding the normal usage. Like for example, I would be browsing the internet and suddenly (randomly) google chrome is not responding for like 5-15 seconds (sometimes it crashes). I've set my performance on High, and I guess it could be the problem; after being on high performance for few weeks, the instability started kicking in.

    Even browsing directories on windows, or browsing the windows option, it lags a lot.
    My network is not good too! while playing games I lose huge amount of packets.

    I want to start diagnosing to know what is wrong for real, both for hard drive and network, but i don't know with what tool and where can I start.

    I'm using windows 8.1 on external hard drive (using Win2Go, it would help if anyone knows how to install windows on external hardrive as if it was internal disk)

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    Before the problem occurs, press ctrl + shift + esc.
    This brings up the taskmanager, via this way you can find out what is causing the issue.
    When you get the performance issue, try to get to the taskmanager, click on 'disk' and make a photo or screenshot of it.
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Problem with overall performance [network and disk]
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