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System Reserve Disk Question

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    System Reserve Disk Question

    I have one of them system reserve disk created on my system and I am not able to hide it. I also do not know if it is tide into my C:\Windows 8.1 install, or if it is a creation from a past system that I have removed.
    I would like to remove it, if its an old reserve from a prior system I no longer have.
    I did have a duel boot system for a bit when I had a problem with a boot issue and had to reinstall Win8.1 on another disk that was exactly the same size as the disk of the broken system. That is the time when this System Reserve appeared that I cannot hide. I am also pretty sure that during the new install of the operating system that it created a system reserve drive, but it hides itself, if I am not mistaken and it wasn't named system reserve. If I am not mistaken the name was more something like... P_-----. I can't recall the exact name and I think it was also part of the new system installs disk too. This present System Reserve that shows up on the G: drive is a partition off the D: drive which was the older broken system disk, since formatted.
    Does a new install of Windows 8.1 just randomly find room to make a partition on any place it can, I thought it created a section on the install disk itself and then made it hidden.
    Anyway, I'm a little curious if I remove this reserve that is showing, will my system make a search for it and have problems booting If it is gone.

    I included an image of my Disk Manager below so that it may show what I am trying to describe for you.
    Click image for larger version

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    This is probably the remnants of a previous OS install. I would use Mini Tool Partition Wizard to delete the unwanted partition and resize D if it bothers you - but it's only 100Mb in size. You could also mark the partition inactive so it won't have a drive letter attached.

    I would make a full system backup before you change anything e.g. using Macrium Reflect Free.
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    Thanks Steve and sorry it took so long to return an answer. I appreciate your help.
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    When you install Win8 to an empty drive, it automatically creates the system reserved partition -- and hides it. That's why you ended up with it.
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System Reserve Disk Question
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