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Use my Memory Windows!! Use it!

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    Use my Memory Windows!! Use it!

    Hey guys, so here is kind of the opposite of what usually people are asking for help to do..

    but I bought 16 gigs or DDR3L Ram (which still isn't even that much in today's standard from what i've seen on some crazy hardcore machines..)

    I can't get windows to use my memory more..

    What are things I can do to make windows use memory??

    -things like turning on AERO or all options in the personalize Visual (advanced settings) "adjust for best visuals"

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

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    Use more programs that are RAM hungry!

    There's only so much RAM the OS itself needs, after that, extra RAM lets you multi-task more programs or use programs that require a hefty amount of RAM.
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    What are things I can do to make windows use memory??
    Use a couple of virtual machines. Windows 10 uses even less RAM than 8 does, and that's with all the Live Tiles I have on running in the back ground. Another option use Google Chrome to the max.
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    Why do you need it to USE more memory? I have 12GB and like your screenshot shows, it uses a little under 2GB nearly all the time. When I run CPU-intensive tasks, I see all the cores used nearly 100% and most of the memory, as well. But the rest of the time, when the PC is effectively idling, it uses very little.
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    Actually most of the 16 GB memory is in use. Note the 14.1 GB value for cached memory. This memory is contributing to performance.

    Within reasonable limits adding more RAM to a computer will always improve performance. The problem is that with 16 GB RAM you are well beyond reasonable limits for most workloads. When adding RAM there will always be a point of diminishing return beyond which there will be little gain. That point is dependent almost entirely on the workload. With the very modest workload shown in the screenshots you are well past that point.

    There really isn't any way to get the computer to usefully use more memory than to give it more work to do.
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    Use virtual machines, they require a lot of RAM. If I'd use just a single virtual machine my laptop slows down because of the RAM.
    Also I've noticed that Google Chrome is coming to almost 1GB RAM with a few extensions.
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    Ok this is all good I was just thinking of turning on things like visual effects or things of that nature that just may utilize more of the memory..

    I guess a virtual machine I should use for trying out all my programs is good. Is sandboxie that?

    Anyway I just was wondering about turning on settings to use more ram..

    I also only set 1024 for my min and max page file
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    I would expect that on a system that supports them all available visual effects would be on by default. In any event with 16 GB RAM it would be hard to see the difference in memory usage.

    Memory management is controlled by the system with few user options. There are some settings to deal with unusual situations. Having 16 GB RAM is not such a situation.

    And as I mentioned before Windows IS using most of your RAM. The memory gauge does not account for all memory usage and it was never intended that it would. The 14.1 GB Cached is neither free nor unused. It IS being used and is contributing to performance. Mind you this is far more than can be efficiently used. Windows memory manager will always try to use as much memory as possible in an effort to improve performance, even if it is only of trivial value. With 16 GB RAM there will be lot of that. All of the important uses of memory were looked after with much less than 16 GB RAM.

    Most of Windows perceived memory management faults are in the eye of the beholder. Someone will look at the numbers in Task Manager and complain that Window is using too much memory. Someone else will look at some very similar numbers and complain that Windows isn't using enough memory. You can't please everybody.
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Use my Memory Windows!! Use it!
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