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Windows 8.1 Programs Locks Up Switching Programs

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    Windows 8.1 Programs Locks Up Switching Programs

    Hi everyone I been having troubles with win8 and the 8.1 for sometimes. The first major issue I have that when I have programs open and switch from one program to another the mouse would not switch from one program to another when I click the tabs.
    When I leaves my computer for a awhile or work one program while and leaves the other one up running I can't use the program because the system freezes. I don't know how many times I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to unfreeze programs. Multiple times when working my home build machine.

    Plus I can't use MS Explore becuase the browser would not stroll up or down. I have searched the web for tricks to fix these problems but unable to find anything or didn't know how to explain the problems.

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    Hi have you installed all the updates as when I had that trouble it was because there was an up date missing
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    Yes! This is home built pc . I been having trouble with 8 ever since I loaded and did clean install acouple of times. Constant locks up freezes. I have to hit control alt del to get the progam to switch. I have upgraded to motherboard and drivers. Still same troubles. Ugh!
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    It is more a pain now. The random freezes causes me to either to CTRL-ALT-DEL too often or hit the reset button on the my desktop. Somethings it locks up when watching videos and the I heard this buzzing or crackling sound through the speakers. I experienced this issue more and more watching Youtube videos and Vimeo. I have upgraded my video drivers as much I can. On suggestion to change my video card that issue may cause the problems. I changed my video card to see if that will stop the problem it didn't. My old mb died before I got chance to use the new card. I went out bought a new mb, ram and CPU. The mb works find but the issues persisted. I did a clean install and reloaded the win 8. That process took forever, because it was freezes during installation. I loaded the drivers for the mb and video card. Had to reflashed the Bios because it would do random reboots unexpectedly. The random reboots has stopped and tried to update win 8 to win 8.1 from download. The issues I am still having that it would locks or freezes and I can't tab between two or more programs running at the same times which I had to Ctrl Alt Del to unlock or the I have to hit the reset button and wait for the machine to reboot again. Everything is new from the MB, Video Card, AMD FX 6300, Ram sticks, BD-Rom, the drives are the same 3 1TB and 1 160GB that holds the OS on it. I had the same issues before the rebuild. I just used a freeware to clean my Registry and the issues is still there. I changed the power options after someone has the same problems after watching Youtube video. This some annoying. I never had this much trouble with XP os when I build this machine except the Youtube video controls would freezes up or Adobe Reader would not response . I think I may have bought a bad installation disk from my favorite computer store. These problems exist on both builds. UGH!!
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Windows 8.1 Programs Locks Up Switching Programs
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