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We all know what can slow down a computer but....

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    Win 8.1 x64 [& Win7 HomePrem.64bit]

    We all know what can slow down a computer but....

    Last year I bought an Acer lap top. Afterwhich I installed the MS Office suite, Adobe suite, Ccleaner GOM Player, Firefox, Chrome, Skype, Malware Bytes and nothing else. I have used this lap top to work on perhaps for a total of 2 days. Yup not used much, only an hour here and there. But even if I don't use it I will turn it on about once a month just to update the named software and Windows 8. The things is, when you consider what I just said, knowing there is no virus, trojan, or malware then I can not understand what on earth makes my computer so, sooooo slow to complete its booting stuff. You're thinking the lap top comes with bloatware. I know, so I uninstalled just about all of them. Basically my computer is empty and yet though it goes to Windows in a flash once on the desktop I must wait a good minute for it complete. And then if I click on Skype for ex. this too takes about a minute ( 64 seconds before seeing all hour glass icons disappear). Could those 3 remaining bloatware actually be slowing down my computer that much? (A cloud thing, a sync my files thing and I can't recall the other one). I guess the best thing to do is go to msconfig and stop everything one by one and find the culprit but I was wondering if there was a faster, easier way?

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    OK decided to go look at Msconfig.
    And I was surprised to see what was there--which explains a lot re: my question.
    here is what is there:

    MSconfig list

    Services excluding Windows
    Adobe Acrobat Update
    Adobe Switchoard
    Adobe Flash player (stopped)
    Ather Svc ( Windows 7 DDK....)
    Bonjour (apple)
    Intel content protection (stopped)
    Intel Capability Licensing Service interface
    Intel Capability Licensing Service TCP IP
    Intel Dynaic Application loader
    Intel Management & Security Appl..
    CCD Monitor Service (Acer)
    ePower (Acer)
    Launch Manager
    MBAM .....(MalwareBytes)
    McAfee Firewall core
    McAfee Validtion Trust
    Nero update
    Nero BackItup
    SKype Updater

    StartUp tab
    Many are disabled but below aren't
    Kies TrayAgent
    Nero Backitup
    Background Agent (Acer)
    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Adobe Updater startup Utility
    Adobe Acrobat SpeedLauncher
    Adobe CS6
    Sandboxie Control
    Acer Portal
    Host App Service updater (Pokki)
    Realtek HD Audio Manager
    Persistence module (Intel)
    hkcmd module (Intel)
    igfx tray (Intel)
    LastPass Installer

    I'm thinking some of the Adobe can be stopped And Nero (Nero came with the laptop so I think it is needed perhaps to do Acer's backing up or reinstall etc. since I actually use Comodo to do backups--not on laptop--nothing to back up there)
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    Try disabling all the stuff in the Startup tab (shown above, except Intel) and see if that fixes the slow boot up. If it does, start to enable them one by one until you find the problem one.
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    You should leave it running idle for a few hours or overnight. Windows has periodic maintenance tasks that run when the computer is idle, and by shutting down the computer when you are done with it these tasks are probably all sitting there dying to run. Letting then all finish should allow them to index & optimize your system and then they will finish and they won't be slowing down your computer in the background.

    There are also tasks that run after some windows updates so you should also let it run after you have installed any updates.
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    Win 8.1 x64 [& Win7 HomePrem.64bit]

    Thanks CountryBumkin and mikeytg. I will run it idle and see if anything occurs (though I think I had already done so on a few occasions) and as to 'disabling all the stuff in the startup' The last thing I wrote on my question was: "I guess the best thing to do is go to msconfig and stop everything one by one and find the culprit but I was wondering if there was a faster, easier way?" So I was aware of what ''the best thing to do'' is but was hoping for a faster or more efficient way of doing so. Thanks again
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    1. your computer isn't empty by just uninstalling the "bloatware" ..

    2. do you have a SSD hard drive.. looks like no..

    3. just make sure you backup/save/copy your files and things you want and do a "clean" install of windows and then if it's still slow it's your hardware limiting you....
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    Win 8.1 x64 [& Win7 HomePrem.64bit]

    Thanks Brooksndum: A computer with hardware ABC, will run things at a certain speed, if on the other hand it has hardware DEF it will then run at another. This we know. Taking my computer and its hardware, it should be running at a certain speed. But it doesn't. Within the limit of its hardware, the software (be it drivers, applications or services) is the culprit. This is what I am trying to find out. Outside of using msconfig, and trying each one by one I was hoping there was a faster or more efficient method. I don't think there is, but I was hoping someone knew something I didn't. As to reinstalling the OS and all, in a little over a week it's switch over to Windows 10 time so I'll think I'll wait til then,
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    ok look,

    Your computer with hardware ABC is running at a "certain speed" - yes - a speed that Intel i5 can handle only..

    and again only a gigabyte hard drive? I think you mean seagate hard drive... that serial number for your hard drive only shows up Seagate, and that is listed as 5200rpm..

    NO matter what you won't have a fancy speedy computer because you have a 5400rpm hard drive.. if it was 7200rpm maybe it would be ok..

    so until you get a measly $100 SSD (from amazon) hard drive you will be dealing with "hardware ABC" at a certain speed.

    and If you reinstalled windows clean, you could then see what is in msconfig/services that is from the beginning and not after Acer loaded it with things.. Then you would achieve your "faster" way of not "enabling one by one.."

    Skype doesn't need to start up with your computer and neither does Nero or any of the ACER bloat.. and you dont need bonjour.. you don't need any of the Adobe crap either..

    So hmm.. lets see to recap,

    you need a SSD hard drive and you need to stop all programs that you know are not necessary for windows to operate.

    anything else you want to make fun of for people trying to help and answer you?

    the "fastest" way is to stop/disable all services that are not by Microsoft.

    and then again you only have a 5200rpm hard drive so don't expect much..
    Last edited by brooksndun; 20 Jul 2015 at 03:41.
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    Win 8.1 x64 [& Win7 HomePrem.64bit]

    brooksndun> The written word has a weakness for it neither allows one to hear emotion but neither see emotion, Assume you were in a loving mood with your mate and the question was, Do you love me? then the answer would come out in a loving way. On the other hand if you were in the midst of an argument , then same question may be answered with sarcasm or what-have-you. This would be easy to see and hear in real life but to put such things in writing is another story and requires a talent for such as well.
    I don't know you and you don't know me. but this I can tell you, I apologize for your interpretation of my letter but in no way did I intend to "to make fun of for people trying to help and answer you?" I did start with ''thanks'' did I not?
    And because you read it as you did you also misunderstood all else I wrote. All I said is I have a computer, this type of computer and given this type of computer it should work a certain way, which it once did and now it doesn't. I did not say it should work fast or whatever, I said my computer for whatever it is (in consideration of its hardware), should run at a certain speed (it's speed not that compared to another) which it isn't and believe it is so because of background things. I also said the way to solve this problem is to go to msconfig and see where the culprit lies but I was hoping for another solution. Taking in mind that you thought I was being inconsiderate I doubly thank you for taking the time to reply nevertheless. Hopefully I have cleared things up this time around.
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    Ok well perhaps I don't understand your sarcasm or demeanor in your last post but it sure was dum that you typed..

    The point is: open your task at and look at "startup"

    I think there is a little box to check maybe near the bottom that says "hide all Microsoft services"

    Check that and then when you see everything that is left in there after clicking that, then you can disable all those apps.. Like Skype, nero, and all aver software.. Perhaps even your antivirus is causing slow downs. I use windows defender built in..

    This is the fastest way to test what's causing slow downs without having to do one by one..

    The truth is you don't need any programs to auto start except for windows programs.. Like your antivirus..

    But every other program (like Nero and Skype and all aver software) those can be started from the icon on your desktop.. So obviously just disable all those and hopefully your computer won't have to take so long loading all the aver software and Skype and Nero etc..

    That is the fastest way I can think of.. Besides just doing the "clean" install by brink on this website.. And that will really get you back to stage 1 with most efficient speed anyway.. As long as you use the clean install method,..

    Hopefully others will answer.

    Hopefully I won't misunderstand your emotion from written words from now on and in the next communication. But it sure seemed negative..

    Ok good luck.. And there are some programs out there like auto runs and junk removal tool to look at your system as well

    Ok that's all I got.
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