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We all know what can slow down a computer but....

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    Hi brooksndun and thanks again.
    3 things come to mind about your viewpoint on what I had written.
    -1- One is the "Is the dress blue or gold" that went viral a few months ago. So no matter what, some people see (or in this case read) it as one color while others will see (read) something else.
    -2- The other is culture. Having lived in many countries I am well aware that what is funny or sarcasm to one is not to another. And here I am thinking of a brit who has been living in the USA for a few years and wrote about what pisses him off about Americans (and also what he likes). One was people smiling all the time and not saying things as it is.
    Within all this there is always someone's personal culture as well.
    -3- Finally, there is your state of being at the time you read it (something subconscious) that gave you that POV. I'm writing all of this since you said, "it sure seemed negative",
    If I may, can we pretend for the time being that we are in actuality really good friends--we trust each other enormously. And from this pov I will say the following:
    I believe that it is true that there are a lot of bad people out there as well as many jerks. Though sometimes such people are not always like this or may simply be having a bad day.
    Having said this I strongly believe that many, or rather most, are in fact good.
    Any person asking for help would be an idiot in insulting those trying to help--even one not so smart (or so one hopes) would know that this would most probably guarantee the shut down of help.
    In lieu of this (remember we are best friends :-) then what are the odds that I would want to insult or anything along those lines? True my words may have been guilty of this but perhaps it was you who read them as such or I'm a bad writer which made you think such. [and this final point takes into consideration, the blue dress, the culture and the state of mind.].
    And too all the rest of the readers Cheers to all :-)

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    ok well i'll take that.. that's fine. point taken.

    by the way I'm a very well-traveled person as well.. and what's even more funny is that I'm going to London in like 3 days..

    the truth is I could care-less about what anyone says -especially on the internet on a forum about computers haha really think about that!..

    I mean to say that even though I was trying to tell you that you definitely typed "dum" while you typed my name it really doesn't affect me that much at all.. haha I am just part of that "culture" that is "you talk about my momma, then I'll talk about your momma"

    so I just started the usual reciprocating procedure of now getting pissy with you as I thought you were pissy with me..

    in the end.. truly I don't care and this will not affect my sleep so I don't know if you are even concerned or not but I should mention that..

    and then the ultimate ending is, did you disable all the non microsoft services or get even one step closer to what you wanted ? haha..

    somebody else that has better ideas should answer but they aren't.. sooo.....
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    Oh my :-) I laughed hard at this one and you will as well. Now I know why. I looked everywhere to see where I had typed 'dum' and could not find it. So I did a search on the page and I saw it, You meant your name. Holy molly buddy, take a look at your keypad :-) the 'm' is next to the 'n'. It was a type-o and seeing that they look alike as well there is no way I could have noticed this. Are you paranoid perhaps :-) And yes I do mean this in humor.
    [Sometimes I cut and paste a name but since it comes out as a link when you do so I at times choose not to, so as to not draw attention to the name and thereby possibly isolating others.]
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    alright well i can understand that about the typo yes.. that does happen all the time..

    perhaps I was in a bad mood when I read your messages.. but anyway, nobody is loosing sleep over anything especially on an online forum..

    ok well goodluck with the issue...
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    And besides, thanks to this we're now best buddies :-)
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We all know what can slow down a computer but....
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