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I want to make an "image" of my system..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
    Beware of using Acronis software since it installs an extra disk driver which can be hard to remove - see Safe Removal of Acronis True Image Drivers

    I want to upgrade to a SSD soon and intend to use Macrium Reflect Free - see Quickest Way to Backup & Clean Install Windows 8.1 Pro?
    Found this in the Acronis forum:

    The 2013 version of True Image cleans up after itself much better than any of the previous versions. The filters, services, and drivers are correctly removed (in most cases) when un-installing.

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    I used the 2013 version of True Image and can confirm that the filters and drivers were not correctly removed - hence my post and warning about using Acronis True Image. Acronis also provided no useful Technical Support and I relied on this Forum to find out how to remove all traces of Acronis software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by probe View Post
    SIW2 said: That is not the same as image. Imaging includes all your existing programs, settings, etc.

    Actually, I think that IS what I am looking for....just PURE Windows 8.1 OS (I will install all MY software after the OS is installed)

    Although, now that Win 10 is coming out, might as well wait to do this with Win 10.

    Thanks for the link though Clintlgm

    guess you got this sorted out but - ha.. no, do not install windows 10 until at least a few months way down the road.. do you know how many problems it's going to have just like any "new" program" ...

    windows 8.1 has at-least been fixed and around for quite some time now..

    I probably won't install windows 10 till much much later.. but that's just me.. I do want it though..

    Also yeah, If you just want windows system clean then follow all the posts here about downloading windows iso media creation tool and just clean install windows from microsoft!

    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

    then as you said, just install your programs.. and then finally after all that, do your image backup.. I like macrium reflect but I had heard of the others but just didn't know the features the other ones had.. thanks SIW2
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    That's a good idea brooksndun, guess I'll wait for awhile for the kinks (they were a good band ) to be worked out on Win 10. For now I am just making an img from how I mentioned earlier, in the command line. I'll mark this as solved.
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I want to make an "image" of my system..
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