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programs hang for 10 sec' when opening a folder

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    windows 8.1

    programs hang for 10 sec' when opening a folder

    many programs sometimes have a feature to open a specific folder in windows explorer,
    for a example a media player opening a songs location etc..

    for some odd reason, whenever i a program tries to do this (no matter what program, it hangs for about 10 seconds, and then resumes normally and the requested folder opens.

    this happens for any folder, including folder on my ssd, so its not a hardware issue, i don't detect high usage (either disc, cpu) when waiting for the program to stop hanging.

    this doesn't happen when i open folder directly through windows explorer

    this happens every-time i try to do this repeatedly, how can i find out what make this happen?
    (i have no antivirus running)

    edit: this does happen for example with foobar and TreeSizeFree, but does NOT happen with chrome (open download folder) or TreeSize Professional!

    i have no idea why
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    Try temporarily disabling any virus scanning programs to see if the condition improves. If it does, you could then exclude scanning of those specific files/folders, or processes (as long as your sure they are safe).
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    windows 8.1

    antivirus is already disabled, as you can see from my example the same folders (all folders) opens nicely in one program and hangs in another, so its not folder related
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programs hang for 10 sec' when opening a folder
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