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Chkdsk problem, dual boot Win7/8.1

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    Win 7 and win 8

    Hi, and thank for replying!

    The first image (yellow background) is from the WIN 8.1 SSD.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version

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    Looks like neither boot partition is visible to the other, that's good.

    Do you have Fast Startup enabled in 8.1? If so, disable it: Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8=

    What do you do with all that hard drive space, 3 4TB drives plus others!!!!!
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    Win 7 and win 8

    I was really sure I had disabled Fast Startup in win 8.1. However, since that was your first concern, I double checked and I am embarrassed to say it is still enabled! I must somehow have forgotten to save the change. Changing that AND saving made all the difference. Now I can swap os ssd with no problems. I of course really should have checked that before posting, but I was SO sure... Sorry to have bothered you with something I really could have found out myself.

    From this I gather that when win 10 becomes available, I can just disconnect the WIN 7 ssd, connect the ssd with win 8.1 and install win 10 over that. If win 10 has a Fast Startup option I will remember to deselect it AND save !

    Regarding the amount of storage, I am a serious amateur photographer and over the years the amount of storage required just keeps growing. It is easier and less time consuming to just add more storage than to delete images I am probably never going to use (or even look at again...). Some is duplicate as internal backup, and in addition I have offsite backup.

    Again, many thanks for your time
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    You're welcome, glad that fixed it.

    The scary part of having that much storage is how much you lose when one of the drives goes bad

    Good luck and take care.
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Chkdsk problem, dual boot Win7/8.1
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