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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    Step 3: Insert your Windows Setup Media ( Mounted ISO or DVD or USB )
    This program will automatically find and mount the Repair SOURCE if present on host.. either wim or esd

    This program runs the same DISM commands as Brinks tutorial -
    except you do not need to type them into cmd prompt
    And this program actually mounts and unmounts the Install.wim/install.esd file

    If the files are still reported as missing - then either
    there is no repair source media present
    or the files are needed from windows update..
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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    If it is still looking for a source - after running option 3 - with the setup media mounted within the Host OS

    Then the missing file is not present on the Setup Media, nor is it in the winsxs folder within the Host windows...

    The missing file came as part of a windows update... And by all rights should of been saved into the windows\winsxs folder on the Host OS..

    you can use an .esd file as a repair source.. the issue is you can not mount an .esd file..

    My program exports the install.esd into an install.wim file - then mounts the install.wim for use as the repair source..
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    Thank you - it sounds like an image back to the last big update is required.
    BTW, what is the big downside to running a PC that cannot successfully run SFC ?
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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    There are many things that happen when an Upgrade or Update is applied to the Host OS

    For one many files within the winsxs folder are updated to a newer version and are keep under a different folder name...

    This older files versions are not over-written - as to leave them as backup files - incase the update or upgrade is rolled back within 45 days...

    There is a DISM command that makes the Newer Files permanently supersede the older files - then removes the older files..

    So I think a lot of the confusion comes from running SFC and DISM while both the old and new files are still present within the host OS (Hash Mis-match) new vs old file

    I would RESETBASE before attempting any online image repair - to remove the superseded files
    And very seldom should you have to use Dism with a SOURCE
    RESTOREHEALTH uses the component store as the repair source.. which should contain all the windows updated files..
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    Windows 10 Pro x 64

    I did clean Win.old and system files not just disc clean up. Please go to Win 10 forum for my latest post as you may find it interesting.
    It has to do with my following Brink's tutorial and finding 'system 32' where he has 'sources' after leaving DiskPart.
    i think my path is incorrect.
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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    sources is a folder on the Bootable Setup Media
    there is no sources folder within windows
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    TQ - I understand
    Do you think extracting files from a win 10 ISO disc is worth a try - if possible?
    I really am groping I guess. I am also tempted to do a recovery image to the clean install with macrium.
    I am not sure what to do as one person said it would break something.
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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    I assume you are running build 10586 ??

    Mount the ISO for build 10586 and run setup.exe

    This will cause a repair installation of 10586, and again a windows.old folder..

    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums
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    Windows 10 Pro x 64

    Thank you for sticking with me. Yes it is 10586.

    Just to be sure, I insert the ISO disc I made and rt click to run set up but not boot off the disc? Or should I down load another ISO?

    Was the reason you showed reset to say it is another way to do this or??

    I follow the video. I will end up with a new installation and a Win.old folder.

    I have questions later if OK like keeping the .old or not, Keeping Macrium images or new ones , SFC etc.
    I will get back to you if it is OK.

    I have an image from a clean install of Win 10 - I guess I cannot use it to try SFC on it? The image after the last big upgrade is likely tainted but I made one after a clean install.
    Sorry about the questions but I'm a bit shaky here.
    Thank you
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    windows 10

    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    Here is a program to help users with corrupt windows files..
    This program will run System File Checker and DISM commands to repair an online Windows image
    and will look for the setup media to use as a repair source

    Step 1: Download and Extract > IMAGE_HEALTH.ZIP
    Step 2: Right-Click IMAGE_HEALTH.CMD > Select Properties > Select Unblock
    Step 3: Insert your Windows Setup Media ( Mounted ISO or DVD or USB )
    Step 4: Right Click on IMAGE_HEALTH.CMD and Run as Administrator


    Attachment 64959

    The preferred method of use would be to select

    Option 1 ScanHealth > if shows as repairable,
    Option 2 RestoreHealth > if shows as needing source file,
    Option 3 RestoreHealth /source

    Note: Dism uses the component store as it's main source for Image Repair, and windows updates are placed in the component store, so best to try to use current component store for RestoreHealth,
    before selecting Option 3 and redirecting the repair source, to the windows setup media..

    Option 4 > will analyze the component store, it will tell you if the store can be cleaned up -
    Option 5 > will cleanup (Remove) superseded windows files over 45 days old in the component store
    Option 6 > will cleanup (Remove) ALL superseded windows files in the component store
    Option 7 > will run Revert Pending Dism Actions (UnLock, The Locked Disk Message)

    Option 8 > will run System File Checker SFC /Scannow

    Note: SFC has been known to flag perfectly good files as corrupt, although this does not harm anything other, then the user now thinking the system is corrupt, and resulting in false positive confusion about the corruption

    Option 9 > will run Disk Cleanup Manager in Extended Mode

    Note: There are log files to help you and others troubleshoot dism issues,


    It is advised to delete those .log files first, then run the program and post the .log(s) as .txt files in forum..
    • KYHI your tool is really wonderful. I had almost given up trying to correct component corruptions but the tool did the trick and solved my problem. Perhaps its source creation capability is its real asset. Thanks.
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