Hi there!

I have been having 30 second hangs for the past few months. They occur at random intervals (once an hour to few times per hour). I have tried monitoring using task manager. The C drive seems to spike from no activity to 100% when the hang occurs. Throughout the entirety of the hang, the C drive plateaus at 100%. When the hang ends the C drive activity plummets back to zero. (Edit: there has also been a few (but rare) times where the hang causes the CPU to spike and plateau at 100%)

Weirdly the freezing does not occur when playing games. It only occurs when browsing the web, watching videos, searching for a file, or doing anything with the windows operating system. When the computer does hang, video and audio will continue to play. The computer is however unresponsive when I try to close, minimize, move windows, or click the task bar. When the hang ends, all unresponsive actions occurs at one time.

I was told that my C drive was failing, but I was able to do a factor reset without issues. A program that analyzes drive health shows the C drive is healthy. Could this be a problem with my software? (Edit: I have also tried removing ram chips one at a time to test whether there was an issue with my ram. The issue still persists.)

Computer specs:
Intel Core i7-3770 CPU (3.4 GHZ)
64-bit operating system Windows 8.1
GeForce GTX 660