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    Task scheduler

    Hi all;

    I am new to the forum and I appreciate any help thanking you in advance. I want to schedule a task that can copy files from a folder on my PC to an external hard network drive, I have a windows 8.1 , the folder is on my : This PC\documents\folder and the external drive is on network\WD

    I tried under task scheduler to "create Basic Task" then under Action : Start a program - next- under program script I entered cmd
    where I am stuck is the "Add arguments"

    I need help with the proper syntax to copy all the folder from my PC to the ntw drive

    thank you

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    • For this you will have to know at least 2 things: The full path to the file and the full path of the folder you want to copy it to. If the file was C:\Folder1\CopyMe.exe and you wanted to copy it to your desktop (C:\Users\YourUsername\Desktop\) you would enter the command "copy C:\Folder1\CopyMe.exe C:\Users\YourUsername\Desktop" without the quotes.
    • Note* If your path has spaces in it you will need to close that path with quotations or the command will see the space as an end to the current section of information. Example: "C:\Users\Your Username\Desktop"
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Task scheduler
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