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USB Headset Makes Irritating Noise - USB Hub

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    USB Headset Makes Irritating Noise - USB Hub

    I own an Afterglow Prismatic wireless USB headset, and recently I've run into a problem. It had bee a long few months since I last used the headset, and when talking to friends in a voice-chat program, there seemed to always be a constant white-noise humming sound persisting. I took it as the microphone picking up the air around me, as it made a similar noise when not muted, but, I found that this was not the case after testing the mute button.
    I looked around online to see that many people with a similar problem claimed that their headphones made the noise due to improper power, whether it was from a bad USB port or because the rig was plugged into an un-grounded socket. This made me test to see if improper power was my problem, and I can only assume it is because when plugged directly into a port, there's no noise, whilst in the hub, there is. This normally wouldn't be a problem, as most laptops have quite a few ports, however, one of my three plain and simply don't work; zero power. The other two are fine, but, when plugging the USB headset into one of the ports, it blocks the other, make me unable to use a mouse or even the USB hub, which the mouse performs fine in.

    Too long, didn't read?

    How can I stop a humming sound from coming through my headset when plugged into a USB hub?

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    Does your USB hub have its own power supply or it is just connected to the USB?
    I have had a similar problem and I have solved by buying USB hub with a power supply.
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    When using a USB hub, you need a "powered" USB hub (one that has its own power supply). A non-powered is limited to whatever power is available when spread through all the devices attached to the hub and the internal PC hub's devices.
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    Thanks for your posts, guys! They lead me to try and just plug the USB portion of the headset into one of the phone charger wall brick things, and plug the audio in into the audio port. I had assumed I needed the USB, because a few months prior, I had these same headphones and the audio cable got chewed up. Since the headphones still got sound, I assumed the audio in was just unnecessary. Marking as solved.
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USB Headset Makes Irritating Noise - USB Hub
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