Hey guys,

A few hours ago I had this problem where I got a black screen after the Windows logo, but I got that fixed after a system restore. After I got it fixed, it took me back to the time where I didn't install my windows updates and since I was uninstalling programs, I had to restart my pc. I clicked on the button 'Update and restart'. It was going fine, normally installing the updates. I had to leave it and go away since I was busy, and when I came back I saw the screen turning on and off. I forcefully shut down my laptop and tried turning it on again to check if it was just some kind of glitch, but it kept happening. Please help!

Stuff I tried:

Booting into windows 8 installation disk and using auto repair and trying sfc /scannow, both didn't work for some reason

Booting into safe mode, gave me my old black screen problem instead

Please, please help