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High disk usage "fixed" by strategic Pagefile placement

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    High disk usage "fixed" by strategic Pagefile placement

    I have grown tired of my high disk usage every time I open a lot of tabs or have just closed a memory heavy game. So I decided to partition my HDD wherein there is a "dedicated" partition for the Pagefile on the outer part of the disk.

    Click image for larger version
    P: partition size: 8320 MB
    pagefile: 8192 - 8192 MB (128 MB "allowance")

    The results was surprisingly better! Now every time I close CIV V I don't have to wait for the system to write all those junk data from the RAM to the pagefile. If you're thinking it's probably because It's a fresh install and I don't have much going on in my HDD yet, I assure you that my HDD has never been 1/3 full. I store my bulky files in an External HDD.

    Please note though that this isn't some sort of "Make Your PC Faster for FREE!" tutorial. I just want to share the problem I've been having and how I "fixed" it. I actually don't have objective proof of the speed increase. This probably won't have any effect if you've never experienced HDD bottlenecking whatsoever. But if you do have this kind of problem and don't mind doing all of this, please do report your experience in this thread.

    If you absolutely insist this is some kind of voodoo please feel free to explain what my problem actually was and what fixed it. Thank you.

    PS. This forum is awesome!

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    Good job finding a solution to your problem!

    On computers with more than one HDD I always recommend putting the pagefile, temp and tmp files on a non-OS disk. In the early days of SSD's I disabled the pagefile altogether but nowadays I keep a small one on all of my rigs just cuz
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    Yes I acknowledge the fact that moving the pagefile from the system disk entirely is ideal but I have a laptop so the best thing I could do is move it somewhere it could be accessed the fastest given my current situtation. I've tried disabling the pagefile once but since I only have 4GB of RAM I eventually switched it back due to OOM errors and crashes here and there.
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High disk usage "fixed" by strategic Pagefile placement
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