Hi all,

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Everything was perfect and very fast until last week. I was working with Matlab and suddenly the whole system turned very slow.

- After closing Matlab the problem still persist.
- Then I rebooted the system, but the problem still persisted.

- I tried McAfee scan. I took long time and the problem still persisted.
- I tried Malwarebytes, but the problem still persisted.

- I tried to think about the behavior of the system. Everything is slow.

*After booting:
**it takes a lot to open and navigate through system carpets.
**the problem is even worse if I try to open a program (word, matlab); it will take many minutes.
**I downloaded Panda Free Antivirus, but it the scanning process didn't begin.

So I thought it might was a HDD problem (it is a SSD HDD).

- I downloaded a pair of HDD checkers, but everything was fine.

So I thought it might was a RAM problem. And here it is the strange issue.

- I tried to do the windows RAM checking with the option of rebooting the system. The output of the software checking process is that the RAM is perfect, but, after the checking process finished the laptop returned to its normal behavior, i.e. the problem appeared to be solved.

However, the problem is not solved, because if I turn off my laptop and then turn it on, the system is slow again. What I am currently doing to be able to work with my laptop is the "dirty trik solution" of:

1. Turn on the laptop (the system is slow).
2. Go to Control Panel and reboot for a RAM checking process.
3. The process says it is everything fine (but it is obviously not), and the laptop is fast again.

( I also tried to pass Panda Free Antivirus after the trik but the problem still persists after the turning off)

Do you have any clue of what is the problem?

PD: another strange problem is Chrome. The desktop icons say "they cannot find the .exe", so if I want to use Chrome I have to go manually to the carpet that contains the .exe. If I try to put that .exe on the desktop it will work but only until I turn the laptop off. After turning the laptop on again, the desktop icons have the same problem again.