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Running Windows 8.1 disk usage goes above 90% upon startup

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    Running Windows 8.1 disk usage goes above 90% upon startup

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    As you can see, despite the fact that the usage is only 3.1 mb/s the disk usage says it is at 100% I've read other threads and have attempted multiple fixes, turning off different services, including Background information transfer service, and also disabling many startup programs, also I have tried increasing the allotted size of my paging file, It has gone away at the moment, but I am scared that something will happen due to the fact that this seems to happen allot upon startup, please give me any advice you can. (It appears I didn't have this problem until post windows 8.1 update DX)

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    Have you looked at process monitor to further pinpoint the image using the disk?
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Running Windows 8.1 disk usage goes above 90% upon startup
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