Hey guys!
I am currently struggling with some PC issues. Those would be the following :

a) certain programmes (skype, chrome, spotify) randomly stop responding for around a minute or two multiple times a day
b) on some days my PC randomly freezes, this can even happen up to three times a day. I do not receive any error message or the like and the only thing I can do is shut down the computer by holding the powerbutton

I have been dealing with these issues for some time now but could not find any concrete fix that would apply to me (some articles suggested the removal of avast, which I do not own) and as especially the programmes not responding issue seems to be occuring a lot more than usual I am turning to you for help.

I really hope anyone here could help me, in case you need any information about my PC (specs, certain logs) please tell me and I will provide them as soon as possible.

Kindest Regards