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Laptop shutting down at 50% charge

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    Laptop shutting down at 50% charge

    I've got my laptop set up to warn me when it's got a 10% charge left, and go into hibernation at 7%, and usually that's no problem. But lately, it's been abruptly shutting off when I should have a couple hours left on it. When I plug it back in and turn it on- it shuts off and doesn't go into hibernation -I immediately check the battery status and it's always between 50-54% (depending on how long start-up took). I try to turn it back on after it dies without plugging it in, but it acts like it's completely dead and won't even pretend to turn on.
    I have an HP g-6 Pavilion, and I already know that they like to overheat. I killed my last battery by letting my computer overheat to the point I could only use it like a desktop until I was able to order a new battery (they're too expensive for me to just up and buy one). But since then, I always use one of those lap-fan things that the laptop sits on. I always use the fan when it gets warm and that always cools it down, so I know how to keep the laptop cool. That's definitely not it.
    What's happening to my computer?

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    This happens because your battery is giving incorrect information about its remaining charge to your computer. Don't worry, this is a pretty common thing with batteries that have been in use for a while. Their performance degrades aswell as their capacity. Your battery is the culprit, not your laptop.

    Replacing the battery will probably fix your problem.
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Laptop shutting down at 50% charge
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