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windows 8.1 taking up 40gb after removing hiberfil.sys...

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    windows 8.1 taking up 40gb after removing hiberfil.sys...

    Hi everyone,
    I have a 90gb SSD and am trying to make room to fit GTA 5(60~gb) with windows on it.(i have another 1tb hdd for other installers and media)
    I have scanned the SSD and figured out I have roughly 5gb of files in my program files but I have 45 gb taken still...

    What I've done so far...

    • Ive removed all hibernation and sleep files (Hiberfil.sys).
    • Did a disk clean up.
    • Used WICleanup ( app to clean up unused windows files).
    • cleaned up my cache and registeries.

    with 45 gb taken still minus the roughly 5gb of program files tha means my windows is currently taking a whole 40gb and that's as bare as i can lower it....

    the windows website claims x64 will take about 20gb why is mine taking twice that ?

    Thank you very much in Advance,

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    At a guess it probably allocates extra space for when it updates. It's like when you download a game of steam or origin it always allocates more space for game for future updates and if it did not do this you would not be able to update because the update is compressed then unpacked no room can't unpack
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    Have you tried (run CMD as admin):

    Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase

    Use TreeSize Folder to see, what takes that much space.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zalor View Post
    Used WICleanup ( app to clean up unused windows files)

    Nice suggestion, I use WiseCare to clean remnants of WU, but it seems, there is always something left.
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windows 8.1 taking up 40gb after removing hiberfil.sys...
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