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    See the link on Post #1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    10 seconds must be a challenge. I got down to 18, but that was it. I'd like to see Event 100 for the 10 seconds.
    Yes, well restart in W8 maybe isn't so straight forward so your 18 seconds sounds pretty darn good to me. For instance while trying W8 I could restart to the desktop in about 12 seconds (stop watch) and although I could open programs and run them at that time it would take the restart script about another 10 seconds on top of that to appear. Shutdown time would be in the order of 2 seconds, BIOS initialized in about 1.7 seconds and event 100 would show MainPathBootTime at 5.6 seconds and BootPostBootTime at 10 seconds to give a BootTime of 15.6 seconds however, BootPostBootTime runs for 10 seconds before resolving a time for 80% idle so it would appear the real time for that could be anywhere between 0 and 10. MS actually says to take 10 seconds of this time but that still doesn't sound right to me except for BootPostBootTime times that are in excess of 10 seconds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by startas View Post
    ...even on low end pc's i wouldn't tolerate more then 2 secs bios loading
    Can you give some examples of such low end pc's with 2sec BIOS time?
    Well this mostly has to do with using full UEFI drivers instead of legacy such as 16-bit option ROMs. IMO it is unfair to expect full compatibility for all. For instance your perfectly good graphics card may not be GOP compatible. Another case is with RAID OROM, currently the UEFI driver requires Intel OS drivers that are slower than a version that can be used with the legacy OROM so while the boot time may be a second slower, operational wise things may be faster.
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    Thanks for the info, Strontium.

    Welcome to Eightforums!
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    i get about 35 seconds reboot time on my other laptop but it is broken now so if it is fixed i will show times
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    My 2nd pc running i5 4cores, only 8gb RAM and 120gb ssd on win7 restarts at 45sec max (35sec as fastest). I have to test my win 8 machine.
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    this is the fastest i guess on all the image regarding the start up time mine also is 34 seconds .. definitely post an image of the same as this time i just come to this thread .... surely i want some suggestions on how to boost the start up time of the system ... please post helpful tips here..
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    Phyllis, 34 seconds is a very good result. If you want to get started with your tasks faster, put your PC to sleep or hibernate instead of turning it off. That way you start with all your programs up and running rather than with a clean state. This is how you get your biggest gain, and not from fiddling with settings in hope to shave off a few lousy seconds.

    As for restarts, you really have to do them only after installing updates (and it would take longer anyway). Yes, installation of some software and drivers may require reboots, but I'm talking about an already configured system.
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    My latest while dual booting with windows 8.
    Click image for larger version
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    Hey guys , I ve just installed win8 for second time. I did not make any screens but my win8 took 48 sec to load on samsung 840 Pro 256GB on Rampage IV extreme mobo. In win7 i booted almost 2 times faster. I am really shocked about win8 performance as i thought there is real benefit but in fact it seems its just "fake" shutdown that makes win8 power on so fast... Anyway i tried alot of combinations now and still it boots the same so im going back to win7 (wasnt win8 supposed to handle
    SSD better ? bcos i cannot see it)
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    Takes me 88 Seconds to restart
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Restart Time
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