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    Quote Originally Posted by proudtobegreek View Post
    Hello there Tripler.Follow Startup Delay Time - Reduce in Windows 8,an excellent our Admin Brink,shaves off seconds instantly.
    Of course,you can always,reduce your start up time,by reducing non-essentials processes,CCleaner offers this feature at a glance,or at start up tab under msconfig.msc in a run command.This thread is dedicated to such issues!
    You know this is pretty much it, fact of it is ,if have more startup items then another one here, of course yours will be slower then those . Mine takes close to a minute, but if i shut off few of startups i have, sure it be even quicker, but may need those starting up or may not want to or need to disable them, maybe cause not too slow anyway . To me this does not prove how fast your system is or can be and i know just for fun.Oh, we in a rush go somewhere ,lol, so takes few seconds longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyngeorge View Post
    think ive got a lot to learn here ....Attachment 56492
    O.k. i admit though, this is a bit of issue, but check startup items, also Services.msc
    I also think a Laptop maybe because of being portable device and less hardware, may or may not also startup faster then Desktop
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    how do you post your restart time in here .
    the picture thank you .
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    here is my lenovo laptop i5
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    here is hp laptop i7
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    here is my lenovo amd laptop not to good
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    ssd drive

    these laptop all came with 5400 hard drive i open them up and i installed sdd drive in them then window pro 64 bits on them .
    the restart time is only good if your ssd is fast my 2 best time are crusial ssd drive 120 gbs .i am 71 and the first time i sit in front of a computer was 7 years ago did not know nothing about them at all since then i build about 25 desktop to pass time .
    but to be good at it you have to read and read a lot and register to forums and read about every thing .this is how i got to know a lot and guess what grade 6 1959 in french .
    one more thing my laptop all cost me well over 1000.00 each
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    Seems a little long compared to others here, but I also have a fair number of programs that start at boot time that I use every day. Intel 330 Series 180GB SSD in a Dell Latitude E4310.
    Click image for larger version
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    Here's what I got.

    Click image for larger version
    I guess that's okay. However, I would like to see faster times.
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    well finally ran mine.. I must say I'm pretty disappointed.. I thought my laptop was pretty clean and fast but 28 seconds!? it should be like 17-20 at max..

    I have like 2 programs that start up with my computer.. and they are just a firewall and lenovo energy.. small and lightweight..

    anyway I'll be clean reinstalling anyway shortly and I'll run it right after I reinstall and see if that helps..

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Restart Time
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