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Screen Brightness Help. Cant Lower it.

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    Screen Brightness Help. Cant Lower it.


    my name is DarkWazaman. I just recently (like yesterday) noticed that i cant adjust my screen brightness with the shortcut keys (f2 and f3) and in the power options.

    when i have my laptop plugged in the brightness is at full, when i have it unplugged, using the battery, its lower than half so it can last longer.

    right now is unplugged and the brightness is at max, when i touch the brightness keys it show its all the way down but i cant raise or lower it and the brightness stays the same .

    dont know if keeping it connected to my lg tv via hdmi for a month maybe changed some settings or something. also i connected and usb receiver for wireless keyboard and mouse.

    i had no problems during this time, when i was connected to my lg led tv. even playing for hours some video games like godfather 2, evil dead regeneration. but just this days i noticed it went total shutdown after a while of playing resident evil 5, guess it made it overheat alot and it shut down or hibernate or sleep. so what i did was i put a big fan at max towards my laptop so it wouldnt overheat and it worked but i decided to disconnect it from the tv and use it normally.

    but thats when i noticed this problem.
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    This is usually the rather awful and very irritating "Adaptive brightness feature" There are several areas to look at.
    Adaptive Brightness - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
    I find you need Options 1, 2, 4 that are listed. I don't find Option 3 necessary at all.
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    Does it have adaptive brightness feature?

    Regardless, one possible fix in this situation is to uninstall the graphics adapter in Device Manager then search of hardware changes and let it re-install. May need to reboot also.
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Screen Brightness Help. Cant Lower it.
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