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Svchost consuming all memory available. PID 3748

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    Svchost consuming all memory available. PID 3748

    I have an issue that at times my computer gets all laggy(using all the resources) where a single action takes a lot of time to perform. So I opened my Task Manager and under processes I constantly see that this problem originates from the svchost consuming all available memory, that is, if I was running Firefox, it says I'm using something like 95% of memory and svchost is using for example 65%, with Firefox using let's say 20%, if I close Firefox svchost will fill that memory using 85%. So after looking the PID and viewing what processes are running and where does the problem might arise I found a list of processes running at that PID(the PID changes but the processes don't).

    Here's the list of services running under the PID svchost that consumes the memory:

    Appinfo, BITS, DsmSvc, LanmanServer, MMCSS,

    ProfSvc, seclogon, ShellHWDetection,

    SystemEventsBroker, Winmgmt, wuauserv

    I appreciate any help whatsoever and wish you a good day

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    Since you are running on limited resources (2GB memory), I don't know if you have Windows Update on Auto. Depending on what programs and apps you have, this process can be taxing. This can be set to Manual, and on every second Wednesday of every month, check for any Patch Tuesday updates. Between those times, frequent forums for alerts on out-of-band critical patches. It doesn't happen very often, these out-of-band stuff.

    A slimmer possibility is some hardware event is preoccupying the OS. A glance at the event logs might set that idea straight.
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    Thanks, it was set on 'Auto', I've set it on Manual and keep you updated on the improvements, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out, have a great day!
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    It would certainly help if you had a chance to upgrade the RAM to 4GB.
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    UPDATE: I set the Windows Update from 'Auto' to 'Manual' but I still have the problem. How can I show you the Event Logs? I saved all the events with Event Viewer, but when I try to upload you the file it says it's invalid...
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    The event log can be saved as an uploadable .txt file.

    Since you're going to upload files, perhaps a captured screenshot of the task manager--details tab--with the memory column sorted high-to-low. You may hide the user name column. While the OS (svchost.exe) may be taking up the memory, it could be some process that is asking the OS to lend it its resources.
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    Ok.. will do so, although it's hard to do anything while the OS is taking so much memory, but I'll try to take a screenshot with the most information as possible. Meanwhile I'll upload the event log(I can't upload the .txt file because there's a cap of 2MB and the file is 5MB, what do I do?`p and I'd like to inform that definitely the times svchost takes too much memory have been dramastically decreased, it does happen from time to time, but not as before up until now
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    Sismetic, I just want to say "Thank you!" I have learned quite a bit about event viewer just from trying to help. And I go way back to Windows XP.

    Anyhow, the events can be 'filtered' such that critical and error events are the only ones in the log to be saved in a small enough sized uploadable .txt file. If there are too many of those events (I hope not), these events can also be filtered by time-- within the last week or last month.

    I'm glad to read the problem is not as bad as before. What whs posted should be heeded, find some means to upgrade to 4GB memory, however long that will take or you can tolerate the performance hit.
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    I've attached a file of the Services tab while on high memory consumption(I forgot it had to be of the 'Details' tab, but I hope it's useful in any way). The PID the svc host is running on it's the 884 PID. I'm also uploading the system event's log file of critical system errors.

    I'd also like to thank you in helping me out, I really appreciate it, unfortunately I can't upload the memory right now(money issues :P) but I'll do so as soon as possible
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    The best I can gather from the event log is that your laptop's drivers are outdated.

    A quick glance at Gateway and the latest drivers for your laptop were issued September 28, 2012. For all I know, they may be the only drivers ever issued for your laptop. The Gateway Nvidia graphics driver, however, was issued March 6, 2013 to replace the September one. That one may be worth a look at solving the layered problem.
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Svchost consuming all memory available. PID 3748
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