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Question About Recovery Image

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    Question About Recovery Image

    There is a tutorial here at the forum about how to create a recovery image for Windows 8, but is this a one time thing? Do I need to make a new recovery image every few months or so is it one of those things that never changes no matter how many updates there are to my system? I just made a recovery image and I would really like to know if that is it or should I do again in a couple of months. Thanks in advance.

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    You can make as many recovery images you want( /image1.../image2 and so on) as you have disk space, but the custom recovery image is actually to be used as a last resort to set your PC back to a clean working state when all else fails. For weekly or monthly it's better to make a "system image" using Macrium Reflect, Achronis or some other imaging tool to go back to the latest "updated state".
    The recovery image should basically just have a fresh install set up just how you like it and maybe your favorite programs that can be updated after the refresh, but it should be made BEFORE any real interaction with the internet so as to avoid catching any malware.
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    Thanks. Now I am confused. How do I make a system image?
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    You need an imaging program such as Acronis, Macrium Reflect, or other. I used an open source program called AOMEI Backupper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    Thanks. Now I am confused. How do I make a system image?
    In plain English, make a hard disk image backup once a week using one of the programs the others have stated, I use Macrium Reflect Free to an external hard drive. It makes an exact copy of the contents of your hard drive including the OS, programs and data. Should disaster strike, pop in the rescue disk and restore your hard drive.
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Question About Recovery Image
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