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Laptop Performance Issues with speed. Software or Hardware

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    Laptop Performance Issues with speed. Software or Hardware

    My laptop has been having speed issues. So about a month ago my laptop was working perfectly fine. But one time my computer just got stuck on a boot loop so I had to hard reset after installing updates cause it was frozen. A little after that I got a blue screen and my laptop just turned off. I restarted it and after that I noticed my computer acting slow. I tried installing Windows 8.1 twice and it errors when installing and repairs windows back. Now my computer is at a point where when I load chrome everything is so laggy. Itunes freezes and skips, skype lags. everything just is so slow its like my Quad core turned in to a single core with 1.2Ghz. Everything should be running fine with my laptop. I have scanned with Avast, Scanned with Malwarebytes, Defraged, Disk cleaned, CCleaner and nothing has fixed it. Is it a hardware problem like could something be danged. Or is it a windows problem where I should just wipe my drive and re install windows? Please help

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    My preference is to use task manager and resource monitor to pinpoint what is consuming resources. After updates, windows and Norton would defragment the drive, which caused my laptop to slow down.
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Laptop Performance Issues with speed. Software or Hardware
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