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Safe to overclock?

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    Not trying to be sarcastic, but RTFM. No offence meant by that comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Phelps View Post
    I'm thinking it's safe since my laptop can be overclocked up to 2.7GHz.
    HOW do you know this to be true?

    I've done overclocking in the past -- back when you could get really MAJOR improvements in performance -- but the enemy was always heat. And, in laptops, that can trash your components. Most of them run hot under normal circumstances and if you then overclock, you're only going to make them run hotter. And, for an 8% gain!! I would be surprised if you will even notice any difference -- other than a hotter machine and louder fans.
    I take that to mean that it can be set to run that fast, not that it will actually run that fast. I don't think the OP realizes this.
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    Overclocking a laptop is a thoroughly bad idea as these computers lack just about everything needed to make this safe and effective. A big problem is that overclocking results in more heat which laptops are poorly equipped to handle. The confined space and limited ventilation is bad news for overclocking. Many laptops run hot at stock speeds.

    It is sometimes possible to overclock a laptop but the risks are high and the results rarely satisfactory.

    Not what you wanted to hear but needed to be said.
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    Guys, Gals, ?Overclocking is done in the UEFI board, or in the BIOS board, correct?. I don't remember where if any clocking settings exist within Windows. I can relate about laptop running warm to hot. My older laptop runs hotter than my newer laptop. External cooling fans help.
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    I did a LOT of research on my processor, Mark. That's how I know
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    My opinion, everybody has one, it's not worth the payoff on a laptop.
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    Don't know if this will help you, but i'll pass it on anyways. I've been overclocking desktops since 2000, now I don't have a desktop and have bought my first laptop. One of the first things I looked into was overclocking, and I have decided to not bother about it, as heat is the biggest issuse when overclocking as you usually have to up the core voltages which in turn produces more heat, which you do not want in a closed enviroment such as a laptop. But in saying that, if you go into your windows power options, you can stop windows downclocking your processor. I have my processor at 100% when plugged it, as on battery it will drain the battery much quicker.

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Safe to overclock?
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