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RAM gets too high

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Media Center

    Right click on the one of the column and click select column. Sort the list based on the page pool by clicking the page pool column

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    I found something named "spsvc.exe" and it's from "Shield Plus" (Dunno what that is) and it caught my eye because it has the highest Paged Pool (33,674K and it keeps changing). Should I end it or let it be?
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    SO, good news. My RAM just dropped down from 70% to 34%. I think it's temporary. Also, I can't end that task. Probably good I can't. Any help to figure out this "Unusually high paged pool" is appreciated greatly!
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    So i got rid of that app and the paged pool dropped down to about 400 MB. Thank you! I could've have done it without everyone's help!
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Media Center

    No problem. Task manager and rammap are very powerful tools to diagnose problems if you know how to utilize them.
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    Windows 8.1 with Bing x64

    Quote Originally Posted by Joker326 View Post
    How do you get into the Select Columns Pop Up?
    Click image for larger version

    Then click 'Select Columns'.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro N

    If it isn't a problem to hijack the topic, I'd like to join with this memory story. (Otherwise I edit this reply, remove the text and create a new topic)

    I installed Windows 8 Pro N a couple days ago, did all the updates, upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro N and installed all updates so far.

    Now I noticed, that Windows LOVES to fill my 8 GB of memory. 6 of 8 GB are in use right now and the Page File is set to 10 GB o_O.

    RAMMAP tells me, that 1,7 GB are allocated to "Process Private", 971 MB to "Mapped File" and 3,7 GB to "Page Table". Honestly, if Microsoft changed the way how Windows manages Memory, then it is highly irritating to me. Back with Win7 (I think I disabled the Page File in Win7 tho) my Memory was only filled to 20 - 30% at maximum in idle mode. Right now I haven't been doing anything for 3 hours and I'm still sitting at 6 GB of 8 GB in use.

    I'm irritated...


    A few minutes after posting this, I wanted to start Dying Light and I only saw the splash screen, then Windows froze to black screen with a 100% CPU Usage and 92% Memory usage.

    Also, my System Specs:

    AMD A-8 5600K Black Edition
    8 GB Memory
    Gainward Phantom 970 GTX
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RAM gets too high
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