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'Computer Memory Low' Problem

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    Just gonna bunp this thread in the hope someone can help, as my laptop just crashed due to low memory

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    It might be some startup programs that causes your virtual RAM to go extremely high. Try performing clean boot: Troubleshoot Problem with Clean Boot in Windows 8
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    You need to uninstall McAfee, as already suggested, you are currently running AVG as well, have you done that ?

    There's no feedback from you. You may have to do a number of things. That's a starter observation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    The problem here has nothing to do with a shortage of RAM but the high commit charge. This is currently 28.2 from a maximum of 31.8 GB. Under normal circumstances 31.8 GB is more than plenty. Typically the symptoms of a memory leak would be a high commit charge. To see the cause you need to select the "Details" tab and add the "commit size" column and show a screenshot sorted by that. There is no guarantee that will reveal the problem but it is a good start.
    He doesn't have 32GB of RAM, he has 8GB, that's the total amount of Virtual memory that Windows will allow him to use. He has 8GB of physical memory, and 24GB on the page file (That's what it looks like).

    Quote Originally Posted by RolandJS View Post
    Lmiller7, I'd like to learn more about high commit charge! Is there a short document I can read about this? I'll be following along, listening in.
    Commit charge is basically the total pageable virtual memory available with no backing store except for the page file. In other words, it's the amount of memory available in RAM (Excluding non paged memory) + the amount on the pagefile.
    The two types of commit charge are limit and total.
    Total is the amount that is being used by RAM and the page file, this is what you're seeing (28.2GB).
    Peak is the total amount of physical and page file space (minus the non pageable memory), this is the 31.8GB total commit charge.

    What you're seeing is the result of low virtual memory, something isn't freeing memory after it has been allocated, thus reducing address space at a given rate.
    User mode memory leaks are rather difficult to troubleshoot because each process has it's own private address space that can't be mixed with other processes, thus limiting how much you can explore unlike Kernel mde memory leaks which allow you to see the entire system address space.

    I recommend you download and install Process Explorer, check the RAM usage and take a screenshot.

    To be honest, it looks more complicated than a simple memory leak, and it's difficult to say what we need at this time. We might need some global flags enabled, and the Windows SDK. I'll look further into this if I have the time.
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'Computer Memory Low' Problem
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