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Opening appdata by typing %appdata% in Win + Q restarts...

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    Opening appdata by typing %appdata% in Win + Q restarts...

    This problem has been happening recently,
    whenever I try to open appdata folder directly by typing %appdata% by using Windows Logo + Q (or simply type it down after going to....metro menu, that's what it's called?)

    stutters my Explorer.exe VERY BADLY, so that I can hardly move my mouse cursor.

    Stutter happens only for moment, less than a minute usually, but appdata folder does NOT open.

    When I make another attempt to open the folder using same method, folder still does not open, but explorer.exe restarts (probably crashes and automatically starts it again.) and then I can open the appdata folder normally using same method.

    After all of these are done, I can open appdata folder with no problem unless I restart the laptop. Or restart explorer.exe before trying to open appdata folder.

    I am assuming that one of the program that I've installed recently is causing the problem, but I can't seem to figure it out....

    I've searched everywhere in Google, couldn't find an answer but one answer saying about using ShellexViewer to disable any extension attached to Explorer.exe.....but looks like it doesn't do the trick. Halp D:

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    What happens if you switch to desktop first then press Winkey+r and type %appdata% in the Run box?
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    Hmm....looks like Win + R doesn't trigger the crash/restart. But I stilll want to find out what the problem is and use Win + Q feature :(

    By the way, this happens only once after logging after restarting, so if the crash happens, it won't happen again until the laptop is restarted and Win + Q & typed %appdata%....
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    Maybe someone else who uses the Start Page often has an idea. I bypass the Start page and go right to the desktop. Once I got all my settings where I wanted them I never use Winkey Q.
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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, Aaryl.

    It’s called the Start screen. I realize this isn’t your problem, but just to let you know > WinKey/Q is the combo keys for search “Everywhere” in 8, but changed in 8.1. WinKey/S is what you want to use for “Everywhere” no matter where you’re at. WinKey/F is “File” search. WinKey/Q seems to be app specific, but not always. Kind of weird.

    Have you installed a program recently? If so, it may be that it broke some files. It may be a virus? Try running an AV scan.

    Try to repair files. Please take notice of the “Notes” Brink has about files that may be corrupted after each option in the tutorial. You may have to run DISM also.

    I did some experimenting with %appdata%. It opens Appdata/Roaming folder.

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1 Professional


    Adobe Acrobat Update Service
    Adobe Flash Player Update Service
    Apple Mobile Device
    ASLDR Service (Asus)
    ASUS InstantOn Service (Asus)
    Asus WebStorage Windows Service (Asus)
    ATKGFNEX Service (Asus)
    Bonjour Service
    CyberLink Product - 2014/04/13 21:01:47
    Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Service
    Elan Service
    Everything (Files searching program)
    FreemakeVideoCapture (Used for downloading/converting videos in the webpages)
    GamesAppIntegrationService (WildTangent)
    GamesAppservice (WildTangent)
    NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service
    Intel(R) Capability Licensing Service TCP IP Interface
    Intel(R) ME Service
    iPod Service
    Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service
    Intel(R) Management and Security Application Local Management Service
    Mozilla Maintenance Service
    NVIDIA Network Service
    NVIDIA Streamer Service
    NVIDIA Display Driver Service
    OpenVPN Service
    Origin Client Service
    Steam Client Service
    V3 Lite Service (Anti-Virus Program, but automatically re-enables itself)
    ZAtheros Bt and Wlan Coex AgentStart Program

    ASUS Product Register Program
    ASUS ROG Gaming Mouse hid
    brs (Cyberlink's)
    ETD Control Center
    hkcmd Module
    igfxTray Module
    NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy
    NVIDIA GeForce Experience Backend
    persistence Module
    PowerDVD RC Service
    QuickTime Task
    V3Lite Main UI ApplicationI disabled all of these, restarted and tried out %appdata% in Win + Q, nothing happened ....My job is to find out what is causing problem....Any idea?
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    Try booting is safe mode and see if it happens.

    Does it trigger no matter what program has the focus when you hit the hotkey?
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    Oh, my reply could have been confusing yeah :|

    I meant that I disabled all those start programs and Services and restarted, and tried out Win + Q & type %appdata%, and it did NOT trigger, worked normally. I have to find out which one among those services/programs are causing trouble....

    And safe mode indeed did not trigger this problem.
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    Ok. Yeah safe mode was just a way to uickly disable many services. But it looks like you will winnow them out. It's just tedious. But you should get there with your approach.
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    It'll be just time-consuming to figure out which one it is I guess....thanks guys!
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Opening appdata by typing %appdata% in Win + Q restarts...
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