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Shutdown Pagefile Issues Windows 8.1

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    Windows 8.1

    Thanks for the replies,

    Cliff S, Yes I have tried this.

    I tend to use quite alot of RAM (running alot of programs) ive ordered more RAM. but the size of the pagefile is not really a concern for me.

    It is just purely the fact that when the system is shutdown a complete cold boot is performed, reloading all services etc, far slower than before. If ever previously i wanted a cold boot I'd just restart my computer and it would all be hunky dory. I have tested that the hibernation function works, it does.
    From what I understand in Windows 8 the shutdown procedure has now become a hybrid of hibernation and shutdown. therefore upon pressing shutdown, the system saves important boot time data to a file, which is then accessed when starting up again, significantly decreasing boot time.
    I am not entirely sure what settings and files would need to be checked to ensure that this "FastBoot" occurs. But at the moment it more or less seems like it is disabled even though windows says it not.

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    Have you played with these settings ?

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    Yes ages ago why?
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    Good one David
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    Quote Originally Posted by JarezP View Post
    Yes ages ago why?
    I just thought fiddling with them might help.
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    Hum I dont see how it would make a difference?

    'Fast Startup' not working after shutdown from 'Start' - Microsoft Community

    these people seem to have the same problem as I do..
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    To check your boot times and get info on them got to Event Viewer and create a custom view(Event log: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational Event ID 100) and give it the name "boot times":Attachment 57296

    Or/and set up a boot log to see what's loading/not loading using System Configuration:Attachment 57297
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    Quote Originally Posted by JarezP View Post
    Hum I dont see how it would make a difference?
    You need hybrid sleep turned on to use Fast Boot.
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    Windows 8.1

    Here is the event log & I have enabled hybrid sleep.
    - System
    - Provider
    [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance
    [ Guid] {CFC18EC0-96B1-4EBA-961B-622CAEE05B0A}
    EventID 100
    Version 2
    Level 3
    Task 4002
    Opcode 34
    Keywords 0x8000000000010000
    - TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2015-01-31T12:23:47.982317400Z
    EventRecordID 11935
    - Correlation
    [ ActivityID] {8278C6C5-3D50-0007-DDC6-7882503DD001}
    - Execution
    [ ProcessID] 1648
    [ ThreadID] 5152
    Channel Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational
    Computer Jarez
    - Security
    [ UserID] S-1-5-19

    - EventData
    BootTsVersion 2
    BootStartTime 2015-01-31T12:21:58.937568500Z
    BootEndTime 2015-01-31T12:23:44.638388700Z
    SystemBootInstance 230
    UserBootInstance 227
    BootTime 26863
    MainPathBootTime 13063
    BootKernelInitTime 20
    BootDriverInitTime 336
    BootDevicesInitTime 2208
    BootPrefetchInitTime 0
    BootPrefetchBytes 0
    BootAutoChkTime 0
    BootSmssInitTime 7487
    BootCriticalServicesInitTime 150
    BootUserProfileProcessingTime 384
    BootMachineProfileProcessingTime 234
    BootExplorerInitTime 1423
    BootNumStartupApps 21
    BootPostBootTime 13800
    BootIsRebootAfterInstall false
    BootRootCauseStepImprovementBits 0
    BootRootCauseGradualImprovementBits 0
    BootRootCauseStepDegradationBits 0
    BootRootCauseGradualDegradationBits 0
    BootIsDegradation false
    BootIsStepDegradation false
    BootIsGradualDegradation false
    BootImprovementDelta 0
    BootDegradationDelta 0
    BootIsRootCauseIdentified false
    OSLoaderDuration 635
    BootPNPInitStartTimeMS 20
    BootPNPInitDuration 2619
    OtherKernelInitDuration 68
    SystemPNPInitStartTimeMS 2674
    SystemPNPInitDuration 150
    SessionInitStartTimeMS 2837
    Session0InitDuration 558
    Session1InitDuration 73
    SessionInitOtherDuration 6856
    WinLogonStartTimeMS 10325
    OtherLogonInitActivityDuration 696
    UserLogonWaitDuration 2981
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    You have 21 start up programs:
    BootNumStartupApps 21 do you need all at start up or can you set some to become active when you need them? Yours is actually a bit faster than mine but to give something to compare to here is my last on from 09:38 my time
    Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational
    Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance
    Date:          31-Jan-15 09:38:35
    Event ID:      100
    Task Category: Boot Performance Monitoring
    Level:         Warning
    Keywords:      Event Log
    User:          LOCAL SERVICE
    Computer:      TOWER-PC
    Windows has started up: 
         Boot Duration  : 33663ms
         IsDegradation  : false
         Incident Time (UTC) : ‎2015‎-‎01‎-‎31T08:36:56.627375700Z
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance" Guid="{CFC18EC0-96B1-4EBA-961B-622CAEE05B0A}" />
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2015-01-31T08:38:35.942393000Z" />
        <Correlation ActivityID="{1277BEDD-3D31-0001-1ABF-7712313DD001}" />
        <Execution ProcessID="436" ThreadID="3064" />
        <Security UserID="S-1-5-19" />
        <Data Name="BootTsVersion">2</Data>
        <Data Name="BootStartTime">2015-01-31T08:36:56.627375700Z</Data>
        <Data Name="BootEndTime">2015-01-31T08:38:34.270493800Z</Data>
        <Data Name="SystemBootInstance">148</Data>
        <Data Name="UserBootInstance">140</Data>
        <Data Name="BootTime">33663</Data>
        <Data Name="MainPathBootTime">5963</Data>
        <Data Name="BootKernelInitTime">13</Data>
        <Data Name="BootDriverInitTime">128</Data>
        <Data Name="BootDevicesInitTime">459</Data>
        <Data Name="BootPrefetchInitTime">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootPrefetchBytes">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootAutoChkTime">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootSmssInitTime">3942</Data>
        <Data Name="BootCriticalServicesInitTime">270</Data>
        <Data Name="BootUserProfileProcessingTime">184</Data>
        <Data Name="BootMachineProfileProcessingTime">176</Data>
        <Data Name="BootExplorerInitTime">715</Data>
        <Data Name="BootNumStartupApps">15</Data>
        <Data Name="BootPostBootTime">27700</Data>
        <Data Name="BootIsRebootAfterInstall">false</Data>
        <Data Name="BootRootCauseStepImprovementBits">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootRootCauseGradualImprovementBits">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootRootCauseStepDegradationBits">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootRootCauseGradualDegradationBits">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootIsDegradation">false</Data>
        <Data Name="BootIsStepDegradation">false</Data>
        <Data Name="BootIsGradualDegradation">false</Data>
        <Data Name="BootImprovementDelta">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootDegradationDelta">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootIsRootCauseIdentified">false</Data>
        <Data Name="OSLoaderDuration">874</Data>
        <Data Name="BootPNPInitStartTimeMS">13</Data>
        <Data Name="BootPNPInitDuration">567</Data>
        <Data Name="OtherKernelInitDuration">168</Data>
        <Data Name="SystemPNPInitStartTimeMS">729</Data>
        <Data Name="SystemPNPInitDuration">88</Data>
        <Data Name="SessionInitStartTimeMS">823</Data>
        <Data Name="Session0InitDuration">1817</Data>
        <Data Name="Session1InitDuration">498</Data>
        <Data Name="SessionInitOtherDuration">1625</Data>
        <Data Name="WinLogonStartTimeMS">4765</Data>
        <Data Name="OtherLogonInitActivityDuration">122</Data>
        <Data Name="UserLogonWaitDuration">418</Data>
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Shutdown Pagefile Issues Windows 8.1
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