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System Image Restore from USB External Drive ??, Windows 8

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    System Image Restore from USB External Drive ??, Windows 8

    I did a windows system image back up on our windows 8 PC before we had to send our HP All-In-One to HP to replace a broken hard drive (we have only had the computer for less than 6 months, arghh!). They also told me to wipe the computer prior to sending it so no personal information was on the computer.

    The computer was just returned to us and I am not able to find a command or windows program to Restore my computer from the USB System Image backup that I made. Also, when I plug my USB external HD into the computer, I see the file for the system image backup, but the drive and files columns say that it is empty.

    Can someone please help?

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    Windows 8

    the location of system image on HD is not seen, why?

    -- FYI: I am using a Seagate 2.0 1TB HD.

    Since posting this thread this am, I have been able to boot to the advanced options settings and got to the System Image restore wizard (from the windows 8 blue screen - weird format - Iam use to Windows XP).

    Anyway, when I select restore pc from system image backup there are two options. I select the second option that states select system image from a different location. However, the pc is not reading my HD.

    How do I make windows 8 see my hard drive with the system image backup on it in the advanced options system image restore wizard?

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    I'm a bit unclear. If you have gotten your PC back from the maker it should have a clean install of Windows...there probably will not be a previous image backup on the new hard drive. You do not need to do a restore from the hard drive. The restore will be from a different location other than the C: (hard) rive. The USB drive....what ever designation the PC gives it (E:, F:, whatever) will be the drive you choose for the restore. The hard drive will be restored from that drive (USB) if there are restore files on the USB drive.
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    I did a windows system image back up on our windows 8 PC ...
    How did you make it ?

    Macrium ?
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    Yes, I still need help! I haven't been able to restore the computer, files, programs, etc.

    Let me make sure I am being clear with my problem:

    What Happened: The hard drive had fatal error messages. We called HP support for help. They said to do a System Image BackUp asap (I did with Windows Advanced Options Menu after getting the troubleshoot options from a shift-restart, win8).
    I actually did a FILE HISTORY backup too (that option came up later). We sent it to HP; they replaced the hard drive; and we received the pc restored to the factory settings just a couple days ago.

    2. The backup is on a new Seagate 1TB external HD. I can see the back up on the HD when I use the HD on a different pc. However, when doing the win 8 System Image Recovery, the pc doesn't see the HD, therefore I can not select the file to recover my pc.

    3. I am doing a system image recovery because that is what HP told us to do when we got the pc back. I am assuming the System image backup is all my files, programs, documents, pictures, settings, browser settings, and etc....and because this is what HP said a system image recovery would contain.

    4. The problem is after windows restarts to the system Image Recovery and i select the option to read my HD, my HD doesn't appear. Its blank!!!

    5. So, I did some troubleshooting myself after reading several win forums; the Hp website; and Seagate website....
    i did the following to try to make my pc read my hard drive :

    a. "refresh" .... result: no HD recognized or files to see on HD

    b. file sharing is "on"; and the HD properties are all set to full control ..... result: nothing.

    c. I went to the Seagate website and download and installed win 8 drivers for the HD (the 2nd option was to 'Install driver"); after doing all that.... result: nada. nothing!

    d. I did all the win 8 updates (126 of them!!; bc a forum said a win 8 update needed to been done to recognize the HD); then tried the entire procedure again, .... result: nada, nothing on HD.

    My computer wont read the HD; therfore I cant access the backups. I have read through so many forums and help topics that my eyes are going to burst.

    This use to be so easy to do in winXP or win7. What am I not doing right?

    Please assist! Much Thanks!
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    System image and file backup/file history are different things.

    Which do you have? You seem to have both.

    The program for restoring the system image may have trouble finding it. If so, it is possible to mount it using windows disk management/paragon/partition guru. You can then make an image of the mounted drive using a 3rd party program such as Aomei Backupper, macrium reflect, paragon, etc. That should be easier to restore.

    If your HD is not being seen, are you able to acertain if it is being recognised by bios ?
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    System Restore Points also contain data files? Did I read that correctly?
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    When you are booted into winre, you can open cmd prompt, then type:
    when notepad pops up, select all files in the dropdown and check if you see the drive.
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    System restore points are shadow copies, so yes.
    However, windows system restore program only uses parts of the shadow wcopy - you won't get a complete restore that way.

    You could use shadow explorer to fish out anything you want. - About
    Quote Originally Posted by RolandJS View Post
    System Restore Points also contain data files? Did I read that correctly?
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    Windows 8

    Hi Again.....

    Thanks for all the responses. Let me tell u where I'm at now so i now what recommendation everyone has provided for me. ( btw, iam an RN, so my default is to give a lot of info about the pc....i was an advanced computer user 10yrs ago, so ill try to get more to the point

    I reset the pc again to factory settings. So now when i turn the computer on its loading to the "agreement" screen (as if i just purchased the pc today).

    I don't want to go through all that again (hours of signing into Windows, loading updates, etc...just to use the pc) and then try/fail at using my usb hd to load a back up it can't read.

    Is there a way to use command prompts to restore the system image backup from my usb? Im comfortable using cmd prompt, but don't know what steps to take?


    Ps: I'm desperate today to get this done. This is a business computer and vital info on the backup is needed by tomorrow. Can anyone help if someone is available. We live 98 miles from town (so no available access to goto a pc business for help). I culd post my business # here if some could please assist.

    I don't understand why this it's so difficult in win 8.
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System Image Restore from USB External Drive ??, Windows 8
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