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SATA Express

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    SATA Express

    Been reading some about new technology, also because my board has connectors for it, plus M2.
    ASUS made one of first ones shown here What is SATA Express, What Will it Do For Laptop, Desktop PC Storage | Digital Trends

    Thought your SSD was fast already,wait to see how much these are going to cost first.

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    That's nifty..

    I'll let you in on a little conversation I had with a guy who used to work for the gov.. and he used to build "super computers" - you know the kind that NASA has to use to compute and calculate how the space shuttle and satellites will go in and out of the earth's atmosphere and very precise angles... or they die and burn up.

    We were hanging out on a cruise ship and discussing computers when He and his wife had a few too many drinks and this is how this conversation came about.

    This probably is old news to some, but if you didn't know already he mentioned that way back when we thought that there wasn't certain technology, there was, and that the gov always keeps things behind closed doors like the military.. but this fact is well-known already.

    He was mentioning about the computers that they had back in the early 1990's to compute things like the SpaceShuttle calculations and they were so fast and hot they had to be cooled with liquid nitrogen and that we always had some crazy fast technology for computers but as you say here, as well, the cost was of course, Impossible for the standard consumers to pay for..

    so the point of this is that - even today with what we "think" is "new" technology or something "amazing" that just shows up in the "news", has already been around for awhile and yes, unfortunately nobody would ever be able to afford any of the crazy real technology that NASA or Military Gov's are using behind closed doors anyway..

    and it's a shame that the technology like super-speed HardDrives or the ability to go 20,000+Ghz CPU's is there, but just nobody can afford it and the consumer level won't even get notified about these technologies until way much later and Even then it costs too much!

    Just info from the conversation I had while cruising..

    This is not meant to start bickering and arguments about computers, this is just interesting conversation and info from a gentleman who used to work for the gov building super commuters (mainframe etc.)
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    Interesting story, am sure it is that way, they get all new toys
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SATA Express
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