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Slow boot / login when network adapter is enabled

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    Windows 8.1

    Slow boot / login when network adapter is enabled

    Hi, I have quite an annoying problem. When I have airplane mode enabled the startup and login of my computer goes very fast. When it is disabled however the login takes a LOT longer. Disabling the wireless network adapter (Intel Centrino Ultimate-n 6300 agn) has the same effect.

    After login I can just enable the adapter again and it will immediately reconnect. Is there any way to make the computer boot quickly with the adapter enabled? I have windows 8.1 installed on my laptop (hp elitebook 8570w).

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    How long have you had that computer? as in how many programs have been installed that deal with your adapter?

    I'm thinking 1 of 2 things,

    1. HP software (as usual) is causing conflict somewhere with networking.. What HP software do you use or see on your computer in "programs and features" in the control panel? HP is known to have tons of "conflict causing software"..

    2. you may have installed something wireless/adapter related yourself? Tunngle? or Hotspot etc..??

    Because did this happen from the moment you bought the computer?
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    Windows 8.1

    Thank you for the reply! I recently only installed windows 8.1 (had windows 7 before but I think the problem was already there). I believe all the programs that have anything to do with hp or my network adapter are in the image below:
    Click image for larger version

    I do not have tunngle, hamachi or any programs of that sort installed on my pc.
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    yes HP software.. they love to fill your computer with programs so that it looks like HP has done sooo much... and have they??

    yes, they always cause issues.. i can't tell you how much trouble i've had after buying HP printers and all the software it installs.. and just to use a printer!


    I would personally get rid of these.. but do you know how to make a backup of your system BEFORE you do this??

    1.make backup - ask if you don't know as there are many options to backup.. (disk clone, windows backup, system restore, etc..)

    possibly uninstall these if you feel comfortable :

    -Hp driveguard -
    (says it parks and stops your hard drive heads.. incase you drop, well.. that sounds like just something to cause delays in using your hard drive, I mean it's up to you.. if you drop your computer it's a serious issue whether you have this or not. so don't drop it.)

    -HP support solutions framework
    HP Support Solutions Framework by Hewlett-Packard - Should I Remove It?

    (nobody else has this installed minus HP users... you don't truly need it.)

    -Intel ProSet/Wireless Software

    ProSet has some additional features that are critical for some users (but not most home users).

    For example, I think the Intel PRO/Wireless cards controlled by PRO/Set are one of the only non-Cisco wireless solutions that can communicate with access points secured by Cisco LEAP. (Common in corporate environments, essentially nonexistent in home networks.)

    could definitely be causing your issue? uninstall
    so, If you really want to see if it is just the Intel ProSet/Wireless you could just try uninstalling that only..
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    after that, you may need to look at your bios and see what HP has for networking in your bios.. what HP model is it and look up how to boot into bios for hp (whatever model you have) usually like pressing f2,f10,f12 as soon as your computer starts... a colored (blue usually) screen will appear with settings to change.. but don't change any of them until you Know what they do/are.

    -you probably can remove the HP ESU for windows 8 also.. I think HP has a specific software that check for hp updates and you would just use that, not the HP ESU software.. so i think your safe to uninstall that too..

    put your model in here. and look at what is available for your computer.. or just tell me the model number and i can tell you what and "why" i think you should use any programs if any hp has.. ha.
    HP Drivers and Downloads for Printers, Scanners and More | HP® Support
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    Lastly you need to Learn how to do this yourself, research things on your own. You should want to know what is running on your computer if you are going to be using it for sensitive and private reasons like banking and sending personal messages to family/friends right?? so learn to research for yourself..

    for example,

    go to sites like this and although it looks tough to read and it is a lot of information.. just speed read and look for things like "scheduled task and Firewall rule allowed" - as this usually tells you it's something HP wants to run to check online for anything and you can do this yourself.. these kind of programs just "slow" down your computer.

    Unless you truly want to be slower but have hp check online for things all the time on your computer.. if you don't mind that then leave it.. but it's not required is my point. you have the ability to check for updates anytime you want to yourself.

    HP Support Solutions Framework by Hewlett-Packard - Should I Remove It?

    Edit - sorry for so many posts and info but to get back to the root of your problem, if uninstalling those programs doesn't change anything, then you have to look to make sure your drivers are most up-to-date, especially the network card one, and then the bios could have something that is set in there to have it look for something everytime your computer starts causing the delay you speak of..
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Slow boot / login when network adapter is enabled
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