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Computer acting weirdly

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    Clovis, California
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    Windows 8.1 64-Bit

    You know what, I will probably do some research on refreshing. It might be the only thing I can do now. I will just look up tutorials and make sure to make a list of installed programs that I need and other things. If something doesn't go right, I will report back here. If it fixes the problem, I will mark the thread as solved.

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    I went' through this whole post again from page 1

    so please understand where this last stand from me comes from and this is meant to help you from frustrations to continue for more days dealing with this..

    Giovanni8743, I don't know how many files or pictures/movies/music you would have to backup and copy to a USB/External usb Hard drive, but do that now..

    Really think about this, You can't run programs as simple as Ccleaner and virus checking programs and you say system restore doesn't work (1st post), Malewarebytes won't start, Sfc /scannow found corrupted files.. Really man?? How much more does this say to you?

    It's time to save all the files you want to keep (music/pictures etc..) and get rid of your bugged out crap windows install that I know you changed/installed something - come on man, you have Daemon Tools installed! and what else could you possibly be using that for?? hmmm? Nobody complains after a complete fresh new windows install of things like this in your postings unless there is a Hardware failure (like ram is bad or motherboard is electrified etc..) but I'm pretty sure you don't have hardware failure as I'm sure this started sometime later, as you said
    This suddenly happened today when starting up my pc
    It's ok we all change things that cause windows to freak but this is ridiculous when you can't even run Ccleaner! ha.

    -absolutely just refresh but I would "reset" - and yes you will lose all files when you Reset, so make sure you copy/backup all your files you actually want now.. and get rid of windows.. reset..

    Go ahead and read your entire thread postings here again and you tell me if it's worth trying to fix your totally messed up can't run simple programs windows..
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    Clovis, California
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    Windows 8.1 64-Bit

    I finally found the time to refresh my PC, and the problems are gone! I think I know which program caused it, so I will not install it again. I have learned my lesson and now have my PC free of whatever it was!
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Computer acting weirdly
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