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High Ram & CPU usage and then Computer Freezes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff S View Post
    I have mine set up like this:Attachment 56439 your prefetch is deactivated, the "set" column shows what clicking "will" do, not the status(which would be more logical). I have my hibernate on(for fast boot) but then again I have a 256GB drive for my system, and on modern SSDs, a normal home user will have to replace his PC before the SSD wears out, A must read for SSD owners is the SSD Endurance Experiment at The Tech Report.
    You and I have the same set-ups, I have had hibernation mode on and I turned it off because of RAM high usage (it used more ram).
    So what do I do to fix those freezes.. I didnt actually get you here.

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    In post #8 I said
    ...keep Resource monitor on the task bar and next time see if you can activate it and use Analyze Wait Chain to see what's(which program or system module) causing it, by looking at Memory also the hard faults column.
    When the system freezes there's usually a bottleneck somewhere(kind of like when lanes merge from 3 to a single lane when construction is going on a highway). You can see that in the hard faults column(A page fault occurs when a process requests a page in memory and the system canít find it at the requested location. If the requested page is elsewhere in memory, the fault is called a soft page fault. If the requested page must be retrieved from disk, the fault is called a hard page fault.) . Then just right-click it to analyze the wait chain to see what part of the process is being held up by another process. You then have a choice to suspend(better) to see if the freeze ends, or end the process(not so good when it's a system process). Then at least you can see what's causing the freezes and from there get help or if it's a program you installed and don't really need , uninstall. This is kind of hard for me to explain in words, even though I can do it myself when sitting on a PC.
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    did you even try a clean boot?? did you try turning off rapid mode? i had a laptop with that drive and no rapid mode on it still was flying speed-wise.. there was absolutely no reason for having rapid mode at all.. and it's another factor for causing conflicts anyway.. so think about not using it honestly..

    on the contrary about your high ram usage, there is no reason your ram should be that highly used, here is mine and i have testdisk running, multiple firefox tabs, and programs running and i haven't restarted in days..

    unless you are running audio/video editing software or something backup or something that requires that amount of memory.. why is 7gigs being used??

    you have something installed on that computer that is causeing conflict..

    -when did that freezing start, does it happen after you clean boot..
    -do a clean boot.. msconfig(startup) disbable all etc.. (ask if you don't know)

    Click image for larger version

    edit*- that also could be bad ram.. you may want to try taking out your ram sticks and only install one.. two.. etc.. lookup how to install ram though, there is a specific way you put it in..(channel 1,2 etc..)
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High Ram & CPU usage and then Computer Freezes.
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